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About FaucetU? We help people like you make informed decisions about professional faucet support for your business

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Why Choose FaucetU Instead Of Others? We specialize in fast establishing and rapid production quality faucets, we have advanced automated machine, know how to make the procedure feel easy. We’ll surpass your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring that your water faucet is delivered on time. FaucetU’s goal is to let you sit back and relax!

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-About Us

The Largest Manufacturer of Faucets in China

FaucetU was Founded in 1996, FaucetU is focus on all Export OEM & ODM business and manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom tap.

Our products including brass, zinc, stainless steel kitchen faucets, bathware, shower Column, and related bathroom accessories.

We have over 8 departments to best take care of all of your needs. These include a sales department, a production department, an R&D department, a quality control department, a state-of-the-art machining workshop, a polishing workshop, and assembly line.

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Various Certificates for Different Services

Various certificates

Why FaucetU?

Production Capacity

The largest manufacturer of faucets in China;
27+ years of production experience;
1,800,000+ Annual.

Designing Ability

R&D department can make the optimal faucet solution at the first time according to the requirements of different spare parts.

Project Experiences

Cooperate with many big brands, and provide OEM&ODM, sign confidentiality agreement for better cooperation

Mold Production

Factory-owned mold production department, promise customers faucet’s privacy

Lining Production

Own lining faucet factory, production ability 150,000+ Monthly Revenue.

We’ve Covered all Your Needs of Starting & Developing a Faucet Brand


Faucet Services


Design Label & Brands


Good Quality Management

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Faucet Customization

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Professional Equipment

Supplier of faucet and faucet accessories to dealers and distributors worldwide serving improve :

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Hardware Malls

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Large supermarkets

About FaucetU hook

Construction Companies

About FaucetU online-shop

Online Sales

About FaucetU supplier

The Industrial

About faucetu Exhibition factory
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Faucet customization is one of the strategic pillars of our business, and the starting point from which we approach new challenges.

About FaucetU idea

Smart Homes & Enhanced UX

About FaucetU ecology

Sustainability & Water Efficiency

About FaucetU brightness

Enhanced Faucet Productivity

Designs and Branding

Our makers are pros in creating eyesight-finding styles that will keep a good impression on customers. Graphical designed and style solutions of merchandise labels & wrapping can free our clients to complete their business greatest.

Design and Branding
top class lab products

Contract Manufacturing Experience

The Faucet products produced by our high-end factory gives your brand greater recognition with minimal costs. Through contract manufacturing, you can focus on your business operations as we take care of the bathroom & kitchen faucets production side.

Quality Management

FaucetU has earned the reputation as a premium brand known for exceptional quality, consistency and innovation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest technologies in bathroom and kitchen faucet.

Quality Management top class lab
Exclusive List

Feel confident with the most comprehensive faucet, for more about FaucetU information, please visit Youtube FaucetU Website.

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Black pull-out basin faucet, which can be lifted, rotated, and retracted!

Enter to FaucetU, Committed to providing the highest level of customer service, Competitive Pricing, Speedy Delivery & Comprehensive, Cutting-edge product offering.

How to Select the Right Faucet Manufacturer?

Why Choose FaucetU Instead Of Others

We’ll surpass your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring that your bathware is delivered on time. FaucetU’s goal is to let you things easy, sit back and relax!

Company Longevity

FaucetU was Founded in 1996, focuses on all Export OEM & ODM business and manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom sink faucets.

Best Faucet Price

Competitive Wholesale pricing is the process of selecting strategic price points to best Making your prices competitive in your market.

Ease Communication

24-hour online after-sale service, questions will be Replied within 1 hour. Easy to contact.

Project Support

Product Customization, Faucet Design, Bathroom Accessories Design, Plumbing Design, Packaging Design.

Large Capabilities

We have 4 lines, more than thirty finishing factories. There are 8 Peeling Machine, 5 Robot Polishing, Drilling Machining and so on in our china manufacturer factory.

Quality System Auditing

We have 2-3 quality inspectors for each process, from faucets raw material copper ingots → Assembling faucets inspection → plumbing faucets finishing.

Security Payment

Compliance plays a key role in implementing payment security. The most common payment security standards we use are TT and LC.

VIP Logistics Solution

We provide Free Warehouse in China for 1-3 months to help you save storage space, reduce warehouse labor costs, and solve the transportation troubles of trial orders.

Professional System

We have over 8 bathroom shower and Kitchen faucet manufacturer departments to best take care of all your needs. These include a sale, a production, an R&D, a quality control department ect.

Professional Guidance

Also can meet European faucet manufacturers and german faucet manufacturer requirements.

Let FaucetU Boost your Business Today!

The Faucetu has been in the business of wholesale faucets in China for 28 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with a high-quality faucet.