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As a faucet factory, we provide you with the following services. The best faucet service in China.

Confidentiality Agreement

We Promise to keep Designer & Luxury Bathroom Faucets/ shower faucets Strictly Confidential and Never Reveal your sanitary ware Design.

We guarantee that if you are the brand owner, we will only provide best bathroom tap and shower faucet to you, and will never manfacture similar Water Tap to other faucet china factory, thus ensuring the uniqueness of your faucets brand in the market.

Your design, heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know, and it will never be known by other faucet suppliers and distributors.

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ECommerce Pro

HD Photo, Drawing, Technical Sheet, Ambiance Photo & Full Faucet Advertisement Video, Installation Video, All Provided. Helping You Be 10 Best Faucets Brands.

Research shows that video marketing has a 30% higher conversion rate than regular image marketing. These videos can help increase your brand logos and bathroom fixtures and bath faucets wholesales.

A series of Faucets Videos: Shot & Edited by Professional Photographers. Faucet Exquisite unique Appearance: highest quality brushed nickel, matte black, brushed gold, more options. Displayed various useful functions, Stimulate customers' desire to buy.

Worry Free After Service

24-hour Online After-Sale Service, Questions will be Replied Within 1 hour.

A Free 10-year Quality Warranty. If the faucet has any quality problems during use, the Expert Faucet Repair & Installation will be available within 24 hours. And replacement bathroom accessories and faucet aerator fitting will be sent to you at the first time for free.

After Receiving the Bathroom Sink Faucets and Shower head from our factory in china, if there is any quality problem, We are going to send a Professional after-sales Staff Serve you One-On-One, we Guarantee that your Problem will be Solved at the First time.

Give Your Customer The Ultimate Guide:

1.Removing Rust From Stainless Steel Faucets.

2.How to Clean & Maintain Your Bathroom Sink Faucet.

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Free Warehouse in China

Free Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets warehouse in Our China Factory for 1-3 Months will be provided to you.

No matter whether german faucet manufacturers Or European faucet manufacturers order is large or small, we will provide you with a free warehouse in China to help you save storage space, reduce sanitary wares warehouse labor costs, and solve the transportation troubles of trial orders.

Free warehouse can also reduce the risk of damage to the outer packaging during secondary transportation, helping you reduce costs and gain more profits from wholesale taps suppliers in china Faucetu services.

FaucetU Services

FaucetU is one of the largest manufactures of faucets in China and is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the faucet market.

How to find China Faucet Manufacturer

Your Problems, We Solve

Maybe you have some about import faucet problem. Save your searching reliable and honest faucet manufacturer time, Reduce your cost of Trial and Error, Gain you More Profit.

Incorrect Product Details

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One of the problems you can run into when ordering from China is the language barrier. Due to Cultural differences and Poor communication, it is easy to get bathroom and kitchen mixer details and entire projects wrong.

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Poor Product Quality

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You have hundreds of faucet manufacturers list to choose in China. You’re faced with the problem of uneven quality, especially when quality checks aren’t available. The key to the quality is the material inside the faucet.

Poor Package Quality

faucetu service package

Long shipping time at sea, poor quality packaging will be easy to break, the road is prone to bump damage faucets finishing. Packaging often affects the quality of the faucet. Suppliers need to provide sturdy packaging for your orders.

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Delays in the Delivery

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Shipping by sea always has risks and the possibility of delays. This may be affected by Weather, Schedule, Customs, Factory delays, and many more.

After-Sale Services

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It is normal that faucets may have some minor problems after a period of use. If your supplier does not have good after-sales service, you will feel troublesome or even unhappy.

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Better Services

Customized service: In order to meet the different needs of our customers, we provide customized service to produce faucets in different styles, sizes and materials according to your requirements.

Quality assurance service: We can provide high quality faucets and can provide you with quality assurance service and repair or replacement service.

Technical support service: In order to help customers better use and maintain the faucet, we provide relevant technical support services, such as providing manuals, installation videos, online technical support, etc.

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