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    Why Choose FaucetU Kitchen Faucets?

    We are a supplier that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at manufacturing and delivering luxury bathroom fixtures that meet all your needs.

    With 26 years long history of experience, Faucetu is very Professional kitchens faucet manufacturing process. Send us detailed what you need. Answer will be sent to you within 48 hours. We are professional for sanitary wares in China. Working with us to save both time and money.

    Want to know how to be a Chinese Honest partner? Let’s talk!

    Trusted by Clients
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    Hot Kitchen Taps According to Our Clients Pick

    The kitchen tap is the centerpiece of the living space and often serves many functions. In order to meet people’s needs for living space, faucets have set standards in terms of design, technology and function.

    Matte black


    Matte black


    Matte black


    We are very strict in manufacturing our kitchen faucets, going through several processes from the transportation of raw materials to the processing of the finished faucets. Use high quality materials, we want to ensure that every faucets you receive is 100% QC.

    For example, if you want to print your logo on the faucet handle, we need to make sure that the design conform with you, so it will take a lot of time to ensure quality products correct.

    But it’s all worth it because the consumer will be just as happy when they receive your faucets as you are when you receive ours.

    FaucetU Services Always Go Extra Mile.

    What's the Total for Buying Faucet from China?

    kitchen faucet kitchen buying

    Is this your first time in the faucet business? Yes, then you can know the basis of faucet cost composition from us

    Faucetu China Faucet Factory break the traditional trade model, with professional design team, modern and fashionable style of various faucets, good quality, match your needs, let you do business with us at an affordable price!

    1. Types
    2. Materials
    3. Styles
    4. Surface finished
    5. Valve
    6. Where you are installing it
    7. Faucets’ general size and arrangement
    • Faucets made in ZheJiang province are cheaper prices than Kaiping, China. That’s because ZheJiang faucets have lower casting process cost, huge brass and stainless steel material, large black matte, gun gray, chrome, brushed nickel plating machine manufacturing lines.
    • Faucets from China can cost as little as $9.9 and as much as $99.9 per piece. Some suppliers also sell faucets as a set, for around $55 and higher. Since the faucet costs are based on many different factors, please feel free to contact us if you would like to know the exact faucet prices buying from China.
    • More style, good quality, to match your demand.

    Do you want to know the composition of transportation costs?

    • If you only need to ship a smaller amount of Shower Faucets up to 200kg, one of the best ways is through an international air courier which costs around $8 per kilo. If you plan to ship in bulk, the usual solution is sea freight. The cost of sea freight from China to different countries are not the same. Especially the sea freight changed greatly since Covid-19.We are pleased to check the latest shipping price from China to your countries when you buy from China
    • Types of Shipping Containers for International Trade
    faucet Cargo transportation to the world
    black kitchen pull out and down

    The transit time is different for each country, and there are various modes of transportation, the estimated time to view

    • Air freight takes around 7-15 days
    • Sea freight (detail see below Ocean time)

    Air freight takes around 7-15 days while international couriers or express freight takes is usually around 5 days faster when shipping from China to the US. Sea freight typically takes around 25 days or longer, depending on discharge port,destination,schedules, customs and shipping conditions. Sometimes the courier would be delayed if port traffic jam happens. You need to set aside more time for delivering.

    When importing faucets from China, there are different customs, duties, customs fees and documents that you need for clearance. Remember, actual values will differ greatly depending on the different customs and standards in your country.

    Different countries have different tariffs on imported goods. If shipping faucets by air, the tax is not too much. If shipping by ocean, the importing tariffs are based on the total amount on commercial invoices.

    Each product has its own HS coding depending on its classification. The HS code has to be specified on the invoice. HS code for faucet is 8481809000.

    Be sure to check the customs clearance processes and the required documents:
    • Bill of Landing
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing List
    • Arrival Notice
    Customs clearance can sometimes be also declared online.If you would like to know more how to import faucets from China,we are pleased to offer to full guide according to your requirements and countries.

    kitchen faucet port and shipping faucet manufacturer

    Faucet From Manufacturing To Shipping Times

    We work fast. With the increasing number of customers approaching us, we have no other option but to prioritize speed and quality. Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:

    Faucetu kitchen faucet Structure Diagram
    STEP 1

    Prepare raw copper materials time

    Faucet Inspection
    STEP 3

    100% FQC Inspection after each process

    Transportation shipping fast delivery
    STEP 5

    Custom clearance and loading time

    Customization Faucet Manufacturer bathtub faucet banner
    STEP 2

    Design and manufacturing time

    faucetu package box packing
    STEP 4

    Packing and boxing all products time

    faucetu Global Transport Customs logistics
    STEP 6

    Sea and land transportation time

    Kitchen Faucets Factory in China

    Importance Things You Need To Know

    We are a professional Faucets manufacturer MORE than 26 years in china.

    In general our MOQ is 300pcs, but the MOQ of inventory kitchen taps can be negotiated. Please kindly contact us for more details.

    Sure, all samples are always availabe for you. but you will need to pay for the sample charge and freight charge.

    Yes absolutely! Please see our International Shipping page located in the above for more information on how to order.

    Each year, around 10 new series of single lever basin faucets, bathroom sink faucet, self-closing faucet will be launched. The staffs in our R&D department are well experienced in the industry, with more than 12 years experience.

    It depends on the quantity of your order. Usually, it takes 30-60 days after we receive your deposit. For Urgently orders, we can work over time to catch up your shipment.

    Yes, We are a Reliable kitchen faucets manufacturer from china. Such as other sanitary wares brand logos: Haijun, Huayi single handle kitchen faucet, bwe, mcbkrpdio, alibaba two handle faucet, guangyi, infaucets, Moen commercial faucets, Kraus single handle faucet, Grohe faucets, Delta modern designs, Pfister pull out faucets, American Standard faucet company, Danze, Kohler, oubao.

    30% for deposit, the 70% balance to be paid before delivery. L/C,T/T is acceptable.

    FaucetU factory can laser print your company logo on the faucet handle and casting body with the permission from customers.You need to provide us a logo usage authorization letter to allow us to print your faucet brand.

    The content of the lead in our CUPC approval products is < 0.25%.We also can produce the low-lead upc faucet or cupc faucet according to your requirement of lead content.

    Detailed installation instructions are in the box, but we also have additional resources to support you:
    • For How to Videos from pro remodelers, visit  FaucetU’s YouTube playlist.


    You can expect a modern faucet to last for about 16 to 25 years. Yet, there are some instances where faucets have lived past 40 years without any trouble.

    Yes, we have WaterMark,  CUPC,WRAS,DVGW, CE and ACS

    If you want to find a reliable chinese faucet manufacturer, Please take care about Company Client reviews. Certrificate and Quality Management System.

    Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

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    FaucetU is a pleasure to work with, they have a good after-sales and follow-up team that can solve my problems in a timely manner, especially with their designer bathroom faucet- FaucetU digital thermostatic shower valve faucet. If you’ve never owned a digital faucet. It takes a bit of time to get used to the digital feature, but once you figure it out, it becomes second nature. It’s great for kids and your family too.

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    FaucetU has many styles of faucets, their catalog is very attractive, I would like to sell them all wholesale in the Brazilian market and italian sanitary ware market, the freestanding bathtub faucet and waterfall bathroom touch faucet are very popular, the chrome plating on the surface is done very well, our customers have almost no complaints, their stuff is good, come out The water is very clean.

    It will take some time to install, and if you have experience installing faucets, it shouldn’t cause any problems. I have purchased a large number of faucets with never problems.

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