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- Who Are We -

Developing Trend-Setting Faucets Products for the past 26 years.

FaucetU was Founded in 1996, FaucetU is focus on all Export OEM & ODM business and manufacturing of Kitchen and Bathroom faucets.

FaucetU’s products can meet global source standards. The products passed different countries importing requirements, with the authority test reports.

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China Faucet Manufacturer

Discover Our Product Lines

We’re able to manufacture almost full types of faucets, and customized according to your requirement.

Explore the expansive product offerings that FaucetU has in store for you and your market.

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FaucetU China Faucet Manufacturer is from China’s faucet production base, and has rich experience in faucet research and development and manufacturing process.

Due to the variety of faucets produced, FaucetU faucet supplier have become TOP 10 best and reliable faucet brands and manufacturer in china.

World-Class ODM & OEM Faucet Manufacturer

- Build Your Brand -

Full Services From Ideas to Delivery

From start-ups to big brands, businesses are offering personalized high end bathroom faucet options to extend bathroom remodel project and increase your sales.

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We are Big Fans of Your Distinct Vision!

Seasoned consultants understand your project goals through clear conversation. Every detail is noted while providing professional insight based on years of experience to help meet your brand vision, objective, and budget, while defining your products unique selling points.


Quality-Assured For Your

From our high-quality technical and industry-tested machine developed by our in-house R&D team. Each Series Faucet is customizable to make them distinctly yours brands and aid in the success of your product line.

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Customization Faucet Product

We support online one-on-one communication between you and our sanitary ware designers. Your design concept, requirements on the appearance and materials of the faucet can be directly conveyed to designers.

According to your brand logos requirement and combined with the actual situation, the faucet design will be completed within 7 days, meanwhile, we can provide structural drawings and renderings to you.

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Free Bespoke Logo and Packaging Services

Packaging design is available, we have professional art designers to design the color boxes, cotton bags and synopsis for bathroom and kitchen faucet. You can talk to art designers directly in our china faucet factory, and the Design drawings will be sent to you within 2 days. 

Increase the integrity of your design solution

Include Bathroom Accessories Design
We also provide bathroom fittings &faucet aerator&sanitary fittings design service,Also support online one-on-one communication with our bathroom faucet brands Department designers. For Example:stainless steel bathroom fittings,bath hardware,bathroom vanities for different toilet.

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Prototype Bridging Your Ideas and Final Products

Once a Product is decided, we develop the model or adjust it to suit your demands. We then send a sample batch to you to make sure it meets your expectations before proceeding to mass production. Use it to test formula and performance.

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Quality Guaranteed By Top Facility

FaucetU has its own factory to carry any customized Faucet model and products. 8 modern auto production lines, 300+ experienced workers and our quality control system are strong backbone of your brand image. Contract manufacturing we offer is a smooth and hassle-free service compared to our peers.

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FOB/CIF/CFR Delivery

Our services don’t stop after the production phase. We have the knowledge of how to save space and logistics fees. The connections we have to trusted logistics companies and ports ensure a short lead-time on all your orders.


We will also be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement between plumbing and sanitary wares distributors&importers to our china faucet suppliers.Let your Brand logos be always in Top 10 list.


As the Top 10 China Faucet Manufacturer, We have best faucet Factory Prices, follow up production, ensure high end bathroom and kitchen faucet manufacturers quality and deliver products to the Door.

Confidentiality Agreement

  • We Promise to keep Designer & Luxury Bathroom Faucets Strictly Confidential and Never Reveal your sanitary ware Design

  • We guarantee that if you are the brand owner, we will only provide best bathroom tap and shower faucet to you, and will never manfacture similar Water Tap to other faucet china factory, thus ensuring the uniqueness of your faucets brand in the market.
  • Your design, heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know, and it will never be known by other faucet suppliers and distributors.

Worry Free After Service

  • 24-hour Online After-Sale Service, questions will be Replied Within 1 hour.
  • A Free 10-year Quality Warranty. If the faucet has any quality problems during use, the Expert Faucet Repair & Installation will be available within 24 hours. 

  • After Receiving the Bathroom Sink Faucets and Shower head from our factory in china, if there is any quality problem, We are going to send a Professional after-sales Staff Serve you One-On-One, we Guarantee that your Problem will be Solved at the First time.
  • The Ultimate Guide: 1. Removing Rust From Stainless Steel Faucets. 2. How to Clean & Maintain Your Bathroom Sink Faucet.
  • And replacement bathroom accessories and faucet aerator fitting will be sent to you at the first time for free.

ECommerce Pro

  • HD Photo, Drawing, Technical Sheet, Ambiance Photo & Full Faucet Advertisement Video, Installation Video, All Provided. Helping You Be 10 Best Faucets Brands .

  • Research shows that video marketing has a 30% higher conversion rate than regular image marketing. These videos can help increase your brand logos and bathroom fixtures wholesales.
  • A series of Faucets Videos: Shot & Edited by Professional Photographers.
  • Faucet Exquisite unique Appearance: Displayed various useful functions, Stimulate customers' desire to buy.
  • Installation videos Tips: How to Install or Replace a New Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet?

Free Warehouse in China

  • Free Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets Warehouse in Our China Factory for 1-3 Months will be provided to you.

  • No matter whether german faucet manufacturers Or european faucet manufacturers order is large or small, we will provide you with a free warehouse in China to help you save storage space, reduce sanitary wares warehouse labor costs, and solve the transportation troubles of trial orders.
  • Free warehouse can also reduce the risk of damage to the outer packaging during secondary transportation, helping you reduce costs and gain more profits from wholesale taps suppliers in china.

Make Your Faucet Innovation Ideas Come True

- Our Capability -

Quality System Auditing

We have 2-3 quality inspectors for each manufacturing process, from water tap raw copper material to assembling faucets inspection,Select different surface finishing color, polished chrome,black matte,gray gun metal,antique brass,Brushed Nickel.At the meantime, the mixer taps body, cartridge, aerator, flexible hose, spout need 100% gas testing, and any air leakage will be scrapped.

Faucetu Quality System Auditing

We Separate Your Faucet Brand From Competition

Your Problems, We Solve

Save your searching reliable and honest faucet manufacturer time, Reduce your cost of Trial and Error, Gain More Profit

Incorrect Product Details

One of the problems you can run into when ordering from China is the language barrier. Due to Cultural differences and Poor communication, it is easy to get bathroom and kitchen mixer details and entire projects wrong.

Poor Product Quality

You have hundreds of faucet manufacturers list to choose in China. You’re faced with the problem of uneven quality, especially when quality checks aren’t available. The key to the quality is the material inside the faucet.

Poor Package Quality

Long shipping time at sea, poor quality packaging will be easy to break, the road is prone to bump damage faucets finishing. Packaging often affects the quality of the faucet. Suppliers need to provide sturdy packaging for your orders.

Delays in the Delivery

Shipping by sea always has risks and the possibility of delays. This may be affected by Weather, Schedule, Customs, Factory delays, and many more.

After-Sale Services

It is normal that faucets may have some minor problems after a period of use. If your supplier does not have good after-sales service, you will feel troublesome or even unhappy.

Other Problem

Please Contact Us and Let Us Solve it For You

How We Outstand from Other China Faucet Manufacturers

We have 3 types of Faucet Service plans, Basic, Professional and Extra. Click more Details for china faucet manufacturer.

Basic Plan

100% Clients can enjoy all the following Free services

Production Follow up

Faucet Quality Inspection

Free Warehouse in China

Worry Free After Service

Pro Plan

20FT Container Clients can enjoy all the following Free services



Free Faucet Sample

Free Faucet Photography

Extra Plan

40FT Container can enjoy all the following Free services

Free Faucet Installation Video

1 by 1 Faucet Design

Packagings & Labels Design

Confidentiality Agreement

FaucetU Wholesale Faucet at an Affordable Price.

300+ Clients Trust FaucetU

They run Faucet types of business worldwide. Listen to what they said about us.

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Transport Port Clearance Guide 1

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to do Transport & Port Clearance Guide in 2022.

In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

  • How to know shipping cost
  • How to choose the right faucet HS coding
  • How much times to shipping
  • Advanced Customs clearance tips
    Lots more


Installation Guideline

The installation of Faucet will very depending on the type of faucet that you are installing. However, there are several steps that need to be followed for all installations of faucet. We have put together an installation guide to help you properly install any type of Faucet.

Read our recommendations here: When your consumers need installation videos or tutorials, you can easily give them.



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