Shower Arm and Flange Matte Black

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Shower Arm and Flange Matte Black

Item No. G-19001

Reliable Shower Extension Arm Accessories Manufacturer

  • Special Feature: Adjustable, Removable

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Extension Arm

Matte Black, Brushed Nickle, Brushed Gold, Gun Metal (Gray Gun), Brushed Rose Gold, White, Chrome


Maintenance & Care

Shower Arm and Flange Matte Black
  • 【Extra-Long Shower Arm】

The entire shower arm is made from solid brass and equipped with two joints to adjust height and angle. Surface is electroplated with thick chrome and nickel, resist to rust and corrosion. length is longer than the most of shower arm you could find on the market, reaches more places you want. It could provide you customer with a more comfortable and larger surface coverage shower experience.

  • 【Durable and Solid Quality】

All Rain products are manufactured at our own local facility and they are handed over to you directly from our technicians. All items are tested for sealing performance before we ship them to each of our customer.

  • 【Easy Installation】

All parts in this combo package are compatible with each other, size of connectors are G1/2 inch universal thread, with the included tools and accessories even a kid could install this set in a second and do not need to worry about getting it wrong.

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