Bathroom Faucet Installation Guide

A best bathroom faucet is a must for every bathroom. Without it, the bathroom would be a mess. With it, you can have a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional. But installing a faucet can be a daunting task. There are many different styles and types of faucets, although they are all relatively simple. In this article, I will guide you through replacing a bathroom faucet and installing a new bathroom faucet. I will also cover specialized tools and accessories that you can use when installing a faucet.

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    How to Choose the Right Bathroom Faucet?

    If you go to a brick-and-mortar store to choose a new faucet, you can judge the quality of the faucet by turning the handle, observing the appearance, and listening to the sound. Quality faucets are finely processed, with a good surface finish that can approach a mirror effect without distortion. According to the normal use of strength when switching faucets, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, open and close easily without obstruction, no slippage phenomenon. 

    Poor quality faucet gap is large, obstruction sensing. When tapping the faucet, the sound is dull, belonging to the overall pouring, the material is copper, indicating that the quality is better.

    If you are shopping online, please pay attention to the following factors:

    Location of Installation

    Most faucets are a combination of a basin and a faucet. The style of the faucet purchased is directly related to the style of the basin. We can choose the right faucet height according to the installation location. For wall-mounted basins, you can choose a medium height or low height faucet, and for countertop basins, you can choose a raised height faucet.

    Decoration Style

    Basin taps are often used in bathroom sanitary ware. They are used for everyday washing, such as brushing teeth, washing your face, washing your hands, and collecting water. Consider practicality when purchasing and make sure it matches the overall décor appropriately.

    Outlet Design

    bathroom faucet-Gold-Design

    As we all know, the faucet is vertical water, but the vertical water out of the hand washing is easy to touch the basin. Therefore, when you buy a new faucet choose the spout tilt, the new faucet open, and the water will just wash your hands. Of course, you can turn the faucet, say goodbye to the fixed mode, the spout is wider, can be 360 ° free rotation, simple and convenient operation, to meet the multi-directional cleaning, so you can enjoy every comfortable cleaning.

    What are the Types of Bathroom Faucets?

    Sort by Function

    Our bathroom faucets are usually used for sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets. Therefore, functionally, faucets can be divided into basin faucets, bathtub faucets, and shower faucets, and those with fast heating materials are more popular.

    By Structure

    The faucet can be divided into a single faucet, double faucet, triple faucet, etc. In addition, there are single-handle and double-handle points. Generally speaking, like us, a single faucet can be connected to the cold-water pipe, can also be connected to a hot water supply tube, mostly used for sink or washing machine nozzle; and a double faucet can be connected to both hot and cold water supply lines, mostly used for flushing bathroom. The last kind of triple faucet can be connected to both hot and cold-water supply lines, but also can be connected to the shower head, mainly for the shower area faucet.

    Classification by Opening Method

    If you divide the faucet according to the way it opens, it can also be divided into screw type faucet, wrench type faucet, lift type faucet, and so on. As the name implies, the screw-type handle needs to be rotated several times to open; the wrench-type handle generally only needs to be turned about 90 degrees, and the lift type only needs to gently flick the handle upward to get out of the water.

    Classification by Spool Material

    Now the most popular spool on the market is generally ceramic spool faucet and stainless-steel spool faucet, and the spool is one of the most influential faucet qualities. Most of the houses we see now are ceramic spool faucets, which have emerged in recent years, better quality, faster thermal conductivity; and stainless-steel spools used by many people in the past, but now the stainless steel spool is more suitable for areas with bad water quality and more resistant to corrosion.

    bathroom faucet-faucet-design

    How to Install the Bathroom Faucet?

    Water Shutoff Valve

    • To begin installing the basin faucet, then remove the items under the sink. Place a basin, rag, or bucket under the sink to catch the water from the disconnected pipes.
    • First, turn off the water and water valves. Next, turn off the hot and cold-water supply tubes at the shut-off valves under the sink. If there are no water shut-off valves, turn off the main supply lines.  
    • Open the faucet to relieve pressure in the supply lines and let it drip until it empties.

    Tip: For safer installation of bathroom faucets, place a cloth or blanket or towel on your back and wear protective glasses. 

    Removal of Old Faucets

    • Use the adjustable wrench to disconnect the supply tubes.
    • Removal of old faucet mounting nuts from under the sink and use an adjustable wrench for places you can’t touch.
    • For rusty nuts you can use oil-based items
    • Take away the lift rod for the drain stopper.
    • Once disconnected, remove the faucet unit from the top of the sink
    • Use a knife, if there is a need, help to pivot an old faucet away from the old rubber washer.
    • Gently scrape off any remaining dirty residue from the surface of the sink.
    • Clean around the hole with a mild detergent. Alcohol can be used to remove sealant residue.

    Tip: Many bathroom faucets will have corresponding drainage holes around the drainage ring. Remove the old one with pliers, disconnect a P-Trap turn on it from the edge of the drain under the sink.

    Assembling and Placing New Faucets

    Small notes: When installing a new faucet or replacing a sink faucet, be sure to use an instruction that comes with the specific faucet, as the exact steps may vary from model to model.

    bathroom faucet-outlet
    • Assemble the faucet according to the manufacturer’s directions. 
    • Caulking can be applied around the faucet holes at the bottom of the faucet or at the top of the sink if the instructions call for it.
    • Place the faucet rubber washer on the bottom so that it sits between the sink and the faucet base.
    • Place the faucet fitting into the installation hole make the sink parallel to the other side of the base and press the faucet into the sealant.

    Assembling Basin Nuts

    • Screw the washer and nut onto the end of the valve from under the sink.
    • Screw the nut, alternating evenly, and pull the faucet body onto the washer.
    • Don’t screw all the way.

    Place the Faucet Body in The Center

    • Measure both sides of the faucet body and then adjust your desired orientation so that it is right in the middle of the new sink.

    Scraw the Basin Mounting Nut

    • From under the bathroom sink, tighten the mounting nuts to keep the faucet in the proper position.
    • Use the basin wrench, taking care not to overtighten the nuts.
    • Erase any excess marks around the base of the faucet.
    • Apply clear glue under the drainage ring.
    • Screw it to the edge of the drain and wipe off the excess.
    • Assembled pop-up device and their lift rods according to the manufacturer’s directions.

    Attach the Supply Lines and Check for Leaks

    • Connect the faucet valves to the faucet body through the supply lines. Then tighten it with an adjustable wrench.
    • Turn the tap back on at the water supply line valve.
    • Remove the filling device on the outlet.
    • Open the faucet so that it flushes the system with hot and cold water. 
    • Check for leaks. If leaks are found, check the washer.
    bathroom faucet-Faucet-Installation-Guide


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