How to Choose a Faucet before start faucet business

How to Choose a Faucet You Need to Know Before Starting a Faucet Business

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    How to Choose The Material?

    Copper faucet

    The higher price of faucets on the market, generally copper.

    This is mainly due to the characteristics of copper. Copper, a material with excellent processing performance, and high flexibility, so it is easier to create different shapes, but also the basis for good plating performance later, to create a more appreciative faucet.

    Copper ions have a certain sterilization effect and make bacteria cannot produce antibodies, so the copper spout wall will not breed bacteria, which is no other material than the. Most of the current faucets are made of H59 copper, which is brass with a copper content of 57% to 61%.

    Some just do faucets; wholesale customers may worry about copper faucet lead precipitation exceeding the standard problem. In fact, if the faucet leads to precipitation in line with the precipitation standards, there is no impact on human health. If the lead precipitation does not exceed 5μg/L, it will not threaten human health, and the H59 copper used in copper faucets on the market does not need to worry about this problem.

    Stainless steel faucet

    The biggest advantage of stainless-steel faucet is that it does not contain lead, and is resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion.

    The stainless steel faucet surface does not need electroplating, its surface only needs to be polished its stainless-steel color will appear.

    Cast iron faucet

    Cast iron faucet is easy to rust, so the water quality in the transmission of pollution.

    Generally, older faucets will use this material.

    Zinc faucet

    The price of zinc alloy faucets is lower than stainless steel and copper faucet.

    The biggest disadvantage of zinc alloy faucets is no toughness, long-term use is easy to crack, and shorter service life.

    Plastic faucet

    The Plastic faucet’s biggest advantage is the price is low.

    And plastic has no rust, no lead, is non-toxic, tasteless, has high-pressure resistance, is lightweight, and other characteristics. However, the plastic faucet shape is generally very simple, and aesthetic lower.

    Purchase Recommended:

    The main body material is preferably made of copper, copper ions have the effect of antibacterial, the inner wall is not easy to breed bacteria, and the mechanical properties of wear and corrosion resistance are also very good. Copper can ensure the maximum plasticity of the product at the same time, and not easy to rust. 

    Pure copper is soft, and cannot achieve the faucet process, so lead-free faucet does not exist, it is recommended to use the standard low lead faucet, no harm to the human body. Our family will drain the water stored in the faucet before use every day, and then in the use, to also reduce their own concerns, although the faucet is in line with the standards.

    How to Choose The Cartridge

    Faucet Cartridge is to change its heart part, so in the choice of its good or bad is to see its cartridge is good. Common market Cartridge is also divided into stainless steel Cartridge, copper Cartridge, and ceramic Cartridge these kinds of.

    (1). Stainless steel Cartridge can be said to be a more high-tech product, such as the choice of stainless steel material is not good, then it is easy to rust phenomenon.

    CHOOSE A FAUCET-Aerator-faucet

    (2). Copper Cartridge this material is one of the more expensive, the same material in terms of quality requirements is also relatively high or used after the accumulation of scale is easy to appear.

    (3). Ceramic Cartridge is currently the best kind of Cartridge, this material product has strong wear resistance, and good sealing, while its service life is also relatively long, is also a more widely used good product.

    Purchase Recommended:

    The cartridge is the heart of the faucet, the Cartridge is good or bad to determine the life of the faucet, preferably ceramic Cartridge, cheap, wear-resistant, long life. Metal cartridges for a long time will appear to wear, rust, and poor switching caused by the tightness of the problem. 

    How to Choose Aerator?

    • What is the principle of the faucet Aerator?

    The Aerator is the soul of the faucet, quality Aerator water is soft, more water-saving prevents splashing and low noise, and can have a better filtering effect.

    •  Why can the Aerator “bubble”?

    The aerator so that the flow of water and air is fully mixed so that the water flow has a foaming effect, which is why other people’s faucets have “white bubbles” reason them. With the addition of air, the water flow like a fog soft and is comfortable, no longer must worry about being splashed around the water “wet”. As the water flushing force increases, it can also effectively reduce water consumption and save water

    CHOOSE A FAUCET-New-gun-faucet-Aerator


    1. Saving water

    The bubbler allows the water and air flowing through to mix fully, creating a foaming effect, and improving flushing power, thus reducing water consumption.

    The faucet with the aerator installed saves about 50% more water than the faucet without the device.

    2. Anti-splash noise reduction

    Mixing air into the water flow softly, reducing the impact.

    3. Filtration

    The internal grid filters large particles of impurities (occasionally clogged and requires cleaning).

    How to Choose a Faucet Switch?

    CHOOSE A FAUCET-switch-faucet-tube

    Quality faucet turning handle resistance is small, there will be no slippage, no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch; and poor-quality faucet not only resistance, but the gap is also larger.

    How to Choose The Inner Tube Material of The Water Inlet Hose?

    Use EPDM outer tube with stainless steel wire braid, the nut with copper or stainless steel, and the greater the thickness of the pipe sleeve and inner wall of the joint, the better.

    How to Choose Color and Process

    The mainstream colors on the market now are gunmetal gray, silver, black, rose, gold, and white, and the colors correspond to different processes.

    Gun gray – PVD water plating: light luxury senior, with anti-fouling coating, anti-fingerprint, and water stain resistance (anti-fouling effect ☆☆☆☆☆)

    CHOOSE A FAUCET-many-color-faucet

    Silver chrome – plating: smooth and crystal clear, versatile and classic (anti-fouling effect ☆☆☆☆)

    Matte black – baking lacquer: elegant and noble, good value (anti-fouling effect ☆)

    Elegant white – baking paint: bright atmosphere, simple and clear (anti-fouling effect ☆☆☆☆☆)  

    Finally, we choose the faucet in addition to the choice of material, in addition to the above points, but also according to the following points.

    •  The budget for purchasing the faucet.
    •  The functional use of the faucet. (Kitchen, Basin, Bath, Bidet, Shower, Drainer, Pop-up waste)
    • Whether the faucet has hot and cold-water intake.

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