Although the best bathroom faucet is only a small object, it has an extraordinary role.

Girls wash their faces, brush their teeth, wash their hands, skincare, make-up… All of them are used, and it can be said that the usage rate is extremely high. The epidemic is still there, and bacteria will also be transmitted through contact.

So how to choose best brand for bathroom faucets? How do different groups of people choose the faucet that suits them?

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    How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet?

    If you go to a physical store to choose a faucet, you can tell the quality of the faucet by turning the handle, observing the appearance, and listening to the sound. The high-quality faucet has fine processing and a good surface finish, which can be close to the mirror effect without distortion.

    When you switch on and off the faucet according to the normal use force, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, the opening and closing are easy and unobstructed, and there is no slippage. The gap between the inferior faucet is large and the sense of obstruction is large. When you tap on the faucet, the sound is dull, it belongs to the overall pouring and the material is copper, indicating that the quality is better.

    If you are shopping online, please pay attention to the following factors:

    1. Installation location

    Most bathroom faucets are a combination of basin + faucets. The style of the faucet purchased is directly related to the style of the basin. We can choose the appropriate height of the faucet according to the installation location. For wall-mounted basins, you can choose a medium-height or low-height faucet, and for countertop basins, you can choose a raised-height faucet.

    2. Decoration Style

    Basin faucets are frequently used in sanitary ware in the bathroom. They are used for daily washing such as brushing teeth, washing face, washing hands, and collecting water. While purchasing, consider practicality and ensure that it is properly matched with the overall decoration style.

    3. Outlet Design

    As we all know, the faucet discharges water vertically, but it is easy to touch the basin when washing hands with vertical water. Therefore, when purchasing, choose a faucet with a sloping water outlet, and when the faucet is turned on, the water will accurately flush to the hand. Of course, pulling the faucet, bid farewell to the fixed mode, the water outlet is wider, pull at will, 360 ° free rotation, easy and convenient operation, to meet the multi-directional cleaning, allowing you to enjoy every comfortable grooming.

    How Do Different Groups of People Choose the Faucet that Suits Them?

    right bathroom faucet-Gold-bathroom-faucet

    Before going out every day, fashion girls always do their morning washing homework seriously. However, when you wash your face, you often encounter various confusing behaviors: when cleaning your face, in order to prevent the foam of the facial cleanser from contaminating the handle, you can only turn off the faucet and let the water flow, and you don’t know how much water is wasted; 

    It’s very inconvenient to bend down and turn your head, and it is difficult to wash the hair to the root of the neck. After washing, a lot of hair is easy to remains in the basin and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria… Therefore, you can choose the sensor to pull the washbasin faucet to automatically sense the water, so as to truly realize hands-free hand washing and say goodbye to wasting water resources.

    Elite White-collar Workers

    In fact, the faucet is the focus of the details of the bathroom, which will not only affect the comfort of washing. But also affect the simple bathroom style. Therefore, white-collar elites choose simple styles when choosing bathroom faucets. After all, in this era of beauty and justice, only those who are beautiful are eligible to be selected.


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