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In our daily life, the bathroom is also a very important place, a comfortable and neat bathroom solution will be more convenient for our living life.

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    How to Decorate the Bathroom?

    The basic rule of bathroom decoration: Wet and Dry Separation

    Wet and dry separation is the separation of dry space (including toilet, basin, etc.) and wet space (including shower, bathtub, etc.) in the bathroom. The layout of wet and dry separation allows more plus family members to use different functions of the bathroom at the same time and improve the efficiency of life.

    • Separate Shower Room

    A Separate shower is a common practice to separate wet and dry bathrooms, which can maximize the isolation of water and water vapor in the shower area and help keep the bathroom neat and tidy. Note that it is important to buy reliable quality branded glass, well-tempered to eliminate safety hazards. If there are children and the elderly, it is recommended that the shower room should be made to open the door so that they can’t save themselves or their family members can’t help in time in case of an accident.

    bathroom solution-Shower-room
    • If you need to use Wooden Flooring

    If the wooden flooring is used in the shower room, it is recommended to use a sauna board with anti-corrosion and anti-high temperature treatment, and it should be cleaned regularly to keep it dry to avoid the growth of bacteria.

    How to Design a Shower Room?

    The Width of the Shower Room

    • To ensure that the body can turn freely when using, the shower area is generally recommended not to be less than 90cm*90cm
    • If space allows, it is better to reach 100cm*100cm
    • It is not recommended that the area is less than 80cm * 80cm, not only the body will hit the glass door, and it is not easy to breathe.

    The Height of the Shower Room

    • Mostly 2M, can also be adjusted according to the actual situation of family height and space.

    Shower Room Floor Drain Problem

    • If the floor drain in the bathroom is not in the shower room, it is necessary to do a good job of sloping the ground to guide the water to the floor drain. If there is a floor drain inside and outside the shower, you can install waterproof strips to speed up the drainage of the shower.

    What is a Glass Partition?

    • A glass partition divides the shower from the bathroom. Compared to a shower, a glass partition is simpler, less restricted by space, and visually clean.
    • A glass partition that goes all the way to the top of the room for a more transparent look
    • You can agree with the designer on the style you want and use a black metal frame or a gold frame for a strong sense of design.
    • Do you have more inspiration please contact us.

    When to use the Shower Curtain?

    1. Hanging a shower curtain is an economical way to separate wet and dry rooms. Families who have completed renovations or who find it difficult to change the shape of their home can try a shower curtain (with a fixed rod or easily removable rod) for a simple wet and dry separation. The shower curtain can be put away when not in use to make the space look more open.

    Tip: When using a shower curtain, be sure to pay attention to cleanliness and ventilation, otherwise the shower curtain will be easy to mold and breed bacteria. If the conditions allow, you can install a 20cm to 60cm wide glass at the junction of the shower side and the wall, which can effectively prevent water from coming out of the gap of the shower curtain.

    bathroom solution-Shower-Curtain

    2. Polygon hanging rod can make the bathroom more spacious. You can choose to fit the overall style of the bathroom shower curtain color and pattern, if you want to have a fresh and transparent feeling, you can also choose a transparent or frosted shower curtain.

    3. If the bathroom shower is square, you can use the L-shaped hanging rod in the corner to separate a simple shower room.

    4. A single hanging rod can be hung with or without holes, suitable for use in long bathrooms. Space for the innermost side of the shower area, washroom area, and toilet are separated, the use for a better experience.

    How to Make More Space?

    Move the Washroom Area Out

    You can take out part of the corridor to put the sink (bathroom cabinet). So that the wet and dry will be completely separated. In this case, you need to plan out the washroom area in the corridor before the renovation. And calculate the size and plumbing problems, otherwise, there will be no way to change it after renovation.

    How Do Improve the Sense of The Use of The Bathroom?

    1. Use Wall-mounted Toilets

    Compared with traditional toilets, wall-hung toilets are visually lighter and make the space appear transparent. Wall-hung toilets are not connected to the ground, which is convenient for cleaning, and can be properly shifted, making the whole bathroom layout more flexible. Wall-hung toilets are especially suitable for use in non-same floor drainage, and it is difficult to change the position of the toilet.

    • The composition of Wall-hung Toilets

    For the tank bracket, flush panel, and toilet three parts, if you need an intelligent toilet cover, you need to consult with the designer and engineering staff in advance, in just intend to renovate the idea to confirm good, reserved for a plug-in interface. However, there are some wall-mounted toilets with unique sizes and shapes, which may not match the smart toilet cover. There are high and short tank brackets, so these should confirm the height in advance and consult with professionals.

    • Advantages of Wall-hung Toilet

    Wall-hung toilets do not have a relationship with the ground, are easy to clean, relatively dry, you can make a wall monopoly on the false wall of the tank, you can place items, but also make full use of the space.

    2. Use In-wall Faucet

    • Into the wall faucet will be hidden in the wall inside the water pipe, do not have to open a hole in the countertop, effectively save the space on the countertop, and easy to clean. Many people worry that the concealed faucet is easy to damage, in fact, in the use of the process, the quality of the wall faucet and ordinary faucet life no difference, when the replacement can consult professionals to get more professional guidance.
    • Into the wall faucet and mirror, the towel rack can form a unified color match, simple, enhancing the quality of space. 

    3. Toilet Spray Gun

    • Installing a lance in the bathroom, using a pressurized water column and a flexible hose, you can easily flush stains from all parts of the bathroom. The location of the basin needs to be considered during renovation, and it is generally chosen to be installed next to the toilet, hidden, and easy to use.
    • Need to pay attention to the gun installed in the wall-mounted toilet tank next to the time, you need to leave a good gun outlet in advance.

    4. Use Long Floor Drains

    bathroom solution-basement-floor-drains
    • Long floor drains are large, fast drainage, not easy to clog, and easy to keep the ground dry, in addition, invisible floor drains after installation and the ground tile to maintain the same visual effect, are more beautiful.
    • No matter what kind of floor drain is installed, during the construction of the bathroom floor, attention should be paid to leaving enough ground slope to make a suitable height difference, to make the water on the ground drain quickly.

    5. Bathroom is Small, You Can Also Take a Relaxing Bath

    • Can choose to sit in the bubble bath, and try to let the water cover the body.

    Bathroom in the decoration needs to do a good job of wet and dry partition, but many friends in the decoration the time to save time for convenience, they will choose to use the water barrier or shower curtain directly as a separation.

    But living for a long time will find the bottom of the water barrier is easy to moisture mold, want to clean is also very troublesome, it will make people feel that the bathroom is very dirty and messy.

    The bottom of the glass partition will not use the adhesive strip, but directly through the slotted clip glass way to fix, so beautiful and practical but also very good cleaning.

    Each type of decoration has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can click us to learn more about the bathroom, and faucet content.


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