Hand-Held Shower Water-Saving Pressurized Shower

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Hand-Held Shower Water-Saving Pressurized Shower

Item No. H-019

High-Quality Plating

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Brass
  • Handle Type: Lever
  • Shape: Round

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Shower Head

Matte Black, Brushed Nickle, Brushed Gold, Gun Metal (Gray Gun), Brushed Rose Gold, White, Chrome

Maintenance & Care

Hand-Held Shower Water-Saving Pressurized Shower
  • Water Soft

The water mode is fine dense and uniform, making your skin feel gentle and comfortable

  • Material

Shower head high pressure is made of premium ABS material and adopts high tech chrome plating process, which is exquisite, lightweight, durable and safe

  • Nozzles

Tightly arranged silicone nozzles provide uniform high pressure spray, internal upgraded design can filter most impurities, contributing to healthier, smoother skin and softer, stronger hair

  • Easily install

Easily install handheld shower heads with hose in minutes, no plumber needed; standard shower pipe, arm, extender or filter


Multiple distinct shower settings gives flexibility and variety.

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