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Automatic Shut Off Faucet Bathroom

Bathroom faucet is an indispensable and important hardware for the bathroom, and the time-delay faucet is also chosen by many customers.

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    What are The Types of Bathroom Faucets?

    According to The Structure:

    It can be divided into single-connected, double-connected, and triple-connected faucets of various types. Single-connected type can be connected to a cold water pipe or hot water pipe; the double-connected type can be connected to both a cold water pipe and a hot water pipe, mostly used for bathroom sink faucets and kitchen faucets with hot water supply; the triple-connected type can be connected to both cold and hot water pipe, but also can be connected to shower faucet, mainly used for bathroom faucet.Generally called lever handles.

    According Handle

    Single handle faucet mainly refers to the valve with a faucet to control hot and cold water, adjust the water temperature is generally left hot right cold, easy to use, more suitable for home kitchen faucet, because like in the kitchen busy up a hand is not very convenient to adjust the water temperature. Faucet is currently more popular with ceramic spool as a seal, the advantage is that the switch is flexible, easy to adjust the temperature, long service life. There is also the use of excellent chrome plated processing and high-quality brass material.

    Double handle refers to the cold water and hot water into two different faucet valves to control, is also a mainstream hot and cold water faucet, for the shower room shower more, for the water temperature control is a little more accurate.

    Most of the current bathroom faucets use a ceramic chip seal, based on the traditional double handle, change the original rubber seal for a ceramic chip seal, open and close the handle can be rotated 180 degrees, divided into hot and cold water on both sides of the adjustment, its characteristics are easy to open, the style is also more.

    According to Open the Way to Divide:

    It can be divided into the spiral faucet, spiral faucet handles to open, to rotate many turns. Wrench type faucet, wrench type handle generally to rotate 90 degrees. Lifting type faucet, lifting type handle only needs to lift up to water. Induction type faucet, induction type faucet as long as the hand is under the faucet, it will automatically come out of the water.

    According to The Valve Core to Divide:

    It can be divided into the copper spool, ceramic spool, stainless steel spool, and so on several. The most critical impact on the quality of the faucet is the valve core. The use of copper spool faucet is mostly spiral open cast iron faucet, has now been basically eliminated; ceramic spool faucet is the emergence of recent years, the quality is better, and now the use of more common; stainless steel spool is only recently emerged, more suitable for poor water quality of the region. Anti-rust and corrosion-resistant and resistant durable and sturdy.

    The Principle of The Time Delay Valve:

    The working principle of the delay time valve is: to foot self-closing time delay as an example; the valve as a whole is composed of four major components:

    1 Service Valve;

    2 Coupling Tubes;

    3 Flushing Valves (main body);

    4 Flushing Ports.

    The service valve has a water switch adjustment screw to facilitate maintenance, and the flushing valve body has a pressurized water chamber and a time delay adjustment screw. The valve body has an up and down movable spool, the spool has two materials of cast copper and plastic, it is composed of an unloading lever, water inlet, pressurized pinhole, and upper and lower sealing rubber ring.

    In the usual state, the lower rubber ring and the valve body water cavity water pressure plus spool gravity together to make the lower rubber ring and the water outlet seal block the waterway, and the human foot pedal after the spool unloading lever deviate from the axis 3 ~ ~ 5 degrees of tilt angle, flushing mouth and the valve body water cavity connected.

    At this time, on the valve body water cavity in the upper part of the static pressure is released at the moment, the cavity pressure and atmospheric pressure equal to the water pressure in the pipe to push the spool up, pipe water and the outlet is connected to form a larger water flow, to complete the flushing action.

    In the flush at the same time, the spool moves up, the spool on the rubber ring and the upper water cavity sealed, the pipe water through the spool inlet filter after the p1 mm pressurized water inlet pinhole to the pressurized water cavity water supply, with the increase in water pressure in the upper water cavity, forcing the spool to move down, the spool under the rubber ring seal the outlet to achieve the purpose of time delay.

    Delay Valve Faucet Principle

    time delay-Black-time-delay-faucet

    Time-delay faucet is through the infrared reflection principle, when the human hand in the infrared area of the faucet, infrared transmitter tube issued by the infrared due to the human hand up to reflect the infrared receiving tube, through the integrated line within the microcomputer processing signal sent to the pulse solenoid valve, solenoid valve to accept the signal according to the specified instructions to open the spool to control the faucet water;

    When the human hand left the infrared delay range, the solenoid valve does not accept the signal, and the solenoid valve spool through the internal spring to reset to control the faucet water off. AC/DC power supply, battery backup, hand outreach that water, hand collection that stops water, especially save water, switches water by the delay automatically completed, without touching the faucet, can effectively avoid bacterial cross-infection

    The machine uses microcomputer control, according to the shape of the basin to set the best delay distance, without human adjustment, also has a 1-minute time-out washing water stop function, to avoid the waste of water caused by foreign objects in the delay range for a long time, DC Use 4 alkaline batteries of No. 5, 1000 times a day, 2 years without battery replacement, built-in filtering mechanism to avoid impurities into the solenoid valve, easily clean, beautiful appearance, made of high-quality solid structure, suitable for crowded places.

    Delay Faucet Type

    time delay-several-delay-faucet

    There are many kinds of time-delay faucets, mechanical or infrared induction type, just click or body close to the faucet open, after a period of time the faucet automatically close and delay the water, the use of both convenient and will not cause cross-pollution, with significant saving water effect, and environmental protection, health, safety features, so customers widely used in kitchen bathroom hotel use, restaurants, stations, hospitals, and other public places can be saving water and money.

    Touch Delayed Energy-Saving Faucet.

    A small faucet head is mainly used to cut off or adjust water flow, people the wash face, hands, or wash items, does not need a lot of water, as long as the right amount of water can be clean, and the existing faucet is generally used a single hole, large aperture waterway, open the water out of the larger, in the water flow is not easy to control, in the cleaning will cause a very unnecessary waste; and now the faucet structure mostly includes handle, and the production price of the handle is high, which makes the whole faucet production cost is high.

    Touch delay energy-saving faucet, structure mainly by the valve cover, upper valve body, lower valve body, valve core, touch head, sealing ring, elastic rubber ring, filter, arc-shaped water inlet hole, round water inlet hole, water outlet hole, spring, into the water pipe, shell composition.

    There is a filter on the valve cover, a valve column on the upper part of the valve cover, a hollow valve column in the middle of the lower part of the valve cover, and an inner side with excellent with a seal ring on the valve column, arc-shaped water inlet three holes on the valve cover, and a corresponding round water inlet hole below the arc-shaped water inlet.

    time delay-chrome-time-delay

    The valve cover is connected to the upper valve body by pasting, and the upper valve body is connected to the lower valve body by pasting, and the upper valve body has a spool upper hole at the lower end, and the lower valve body has a spool lower hole at the middle of the lower valve body, and the spool lower hole is surrounded by multiple water faucet holes.

    The upper end of the spool has a hollow column, the lower end has a thread, the spool in turn through the upper and lower valve body, the lower end of the spool rotating connected with a metal cap, the spring end into the hollow column, the other end placed in the hollow column, the upper and lower valve body fixed in the shell, the shell and the inlet pipe screwed connection.

    How to Install a Time-Delay Valve Faucet?

    time delay-install-delay-faucet
    • Before installing the faucet, please be sure to clean up the debris in the pipe.
    • Faucet and hot and cold water supply pipe must be connected correctly, (i.e., facing the faucet, the left side of the hot water, and the right side of the cold water), then installation accessories.
    • When using, move the handle up and down to adjust the amount of water, and move around to adjust the water temperature. When not in use, gently press down the handle.
    • After using a period of time, such as the water volume becoming smaller, the super bubble effect is not obvious, you can remove the bubble head use mild soap rinse clean, and then install. You also can clean the faucet single surface, making it keep a smooth surface.
    • The working water pressure of the faucet is 0.5-5kg/cm2 (including cold water and hot water pressure). Concealed into the wall cylinder faucet working water pressure of 1.5 kg/cm2 (including cold water and hot water pressure).


    Bathroom faucets and delay valve faucets have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your needs, welcome to Faucetu to choose the right bathroom faucet for you!

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