5 Ways to Clean Bathtub

After a long day of work, soak in the bathtub and wash away all your fatigue. Don’t forget, after the bath, the bathtub also needs to be cleaned and maintained.

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    Bathtub Cleaning Tips

    Tips One: Clean a Jetted Tub

    Clean Bathtub-cleaning-bathtub

    1. Fill the tub with warm water to 2″ above the highest nozzle.

    2. Or leave the water in the tub after use and add two tablespoons of Low Foam: Powdered Automatic Dish Detergent and a small amount of household bleach to the water.

    3. Turn the Jacuzzi on for 5 to 10 minutes, then turn it off and drain the water.

    4. Then rinse the surface of the bathtub with water.

    5. The bathtub is in a hot and humid condition for a long time, it also breeds a lot of bacteria, sometimes after cleaning, the surface looks clean, but in fact there are still a lot of bacteria present. It is recommended to wipe the surface of the bathtub with boiling water, do not just use disinfection water, because disinfection water does not necessarily kill mold and fungus, etc.

    The bathtub’s pipe cleaning should not be neglected either. Clean bathtub jets make you relaxing soak. The pipe is slow to go down and does not go down, etc. It needs to be filled into the sewer with a special product for cleaning the sewer. One to remove the odor, the second to prevent the breeding of bacteria, multiple cleaning more peace of mind. 

    Tips Two: Installation Jetted tubs

    1. Promptly repair the injury bathtub installed do not move jetted tub privately.

    2. Need to move the position, you must contact a professional.

    3. Do not use hard objects to knock, hit the surface jetted tub, resulting in bruises or scratches.

    4. Acrylic bathtub if you need to repair the dull or scratched part, use a clean rag mixed with colorless automatic polishing solution to wipe hard, and then apply a layer of colorless protective wax. Please do not wax the area where you land to prevent slipping.

    Tip Three: Clean Bathtub

    1. Gentle treatment of surface stains can be used with a discarded soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in bleach water to brush the surface, both to remove stains and to eliminate mold and mildew.

    2. Encounter difficult to jetted tub stains, you can also use half a lemon dipped in salt rub, you can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush coated with whitening toothpaste scrub, turpentine is also very good at this time.

    clean bathtub-cleaning-a-jetted-tub

    3. For limescale, the products used to clean toilets on weekdays work well, and if you don’t like the pungent smell, you can also use lemon and white vinegar cleaning bathtub jets, a more natural method.

    4. Do not use cleaners with fading function, especially when the bathtub at home with color.

    5. To deal with mold and bacteria that cause fungal diseases, rinse with bleach and peroxide and dry immediately.

    Tip Four:Blockage and Jets Clean

    Deal with clogged pipes at all times and disinfect them in a timely manner. Clean once or twice a week to first eliminate the smell and second to avoid bacteria growth. Products that can be used to clean drains can be poured down the drain and cleaned after 5 minutes. Be careful not to use them in metal pipes.

    1. If the bathtub drain is unfortunately blocked, you can first turn off the drain valve

    2. Then put an appropriate amount of tap water in the bathtub

    3. Place the rubber suction device (for unclogging the toilet) on the drain valve.

    4. While opening the water valve, smother the overflow hole of the basin or bathtub.

    5. And then quickly attract up and down to suck out the dirt or hair and clean it up in time.

    When it comes to Jacuzzi, it can be divided into two kinds: outdoor Jacuzzi and ordinary Jacuzzi. The jacuzzi mentioned below is outdoor jacuzzi, so please pay attention to the distinction.

    Part 1. Preparation Before Installing the Jacuzzi

    1.Check Jetted Tub

    Put the bathtub into a relatively spacious place, check whether its surface is intact. All kinds of spare parts should be available, and each spray hole should be bright and tight. The good or bad of the motor is closely related to the use effect of outdoor Jacuzzi, so we should pay extra attention to its installation, piping, and quality.

    2.Pay Attention to Waterproof

    Before going to the designated position, we must waterproof the parts that are easy to leak with silicone. Connect the parts that can be connected first, so that it is not easy to install after being put into the designated position. Waterproofing between the parts must be done, especially the connection between the downspout and the motor water pipe is very critical.

    3.Fixed Position

    Put the outdoor Jacuzzi into the designated position, if in the bathroom with little space, avoid over-tilting or bumping the tank. Put the drain into the pipe and make sure the water is smooth. After the tank is placed, keep adjusting the foot screws, so that all screws are safely on the ground to ensure that the overall level is maintained.

    4.Safe Connection

    Connect the plugs and make waterproof around the connection board to avoid leakage accidents. After checking without any abnormalities, the hot and cold-water pipes can be connected in place. Before connecting the water pipe to do the motor power test, try to hear whether its sound meets the requirements, such as not to immediately rework.

    5.Testing Function

    After doing the connection put the outdoor jacuzzi completely in place and debug the level again. Turn on the water and electricity, check all the functions once, and find the problems in time to solve. The surfing effect of the bathtub should be focused on checking, the flushing strength, motor sound, the presence of foreign objects is the main content of the inspection.

    6.Protect the Finished Product

    Drain the water inside the tank, wipe the remaining water drops at the bottom of the tank and the water drops at the spray hole to prevent the bathtub from rusting at the spray hole due to long time of non-use. In the installation of bathtub some family’s other decoration has not been completed, then the installer should use the film to protect the bathtub to prevent damage.

    Part 2.How to Use and Maintain the Outdoor Jacuzzi

    • Please keep the outdoor massage bathtub jetted tub clean, avoid hair and debris to block the drainage pipe inside.
    • Please do not use acidic, strong alkaline detergent and organic solvents (such as alcohol, Tiana water, ammonia, acetone, etc.) to scrub the surface of the outdoor massage bathtub jetted tub(including composite panels, plastic parts, aluminum parts, electroplating parts, spraying parts and other parts surface). It is recommended to use neutral detergent etc. for outdoor massage bathtub jetted tub cleaning.

    • Use polishing agent polishing, can make the jetted tub surface keep bright as new.
    clean bathtub-water-jets
    • Outdoor massage bathtub electroplating parts care: use velvet cloth to lightly wipe the electroplating parts, do not use rough cloth wipe, disable organic solvents.
    • Outdoor massage bathtub surface light scrapes or cigarette burns, available toothpaste, and soft cloth in the scrapes for grinding.
    • Outdoor massage bathtub cylinder care: when the surface of the cylinder appears limescale and stains, available toothpaste on a soft cloth to wipe out.
    • Regular cleaning of outdoor Jacuzzi jets. Hydromassage device cleaning to 40 ℃ hot water to fill the outdoor Jacuzzi, according to the dose of 2 grams per liter to add detergent, start hydromassage for about 5 minutes, stop the pump to drain, then fill with cold water, start hydromassage for about 3 minutes, stop the pump to drain and clean the outdoor Jacuzzi.

    Part 3. The Cleaning Aspect of Outdoor Jacuzzi

    1. It is recommended to use the granular cleaner which can be mixed with water to clean the outdoor Jacuzzi, avoid using the cleaner for tile or enamel surface. Do not put the container of liquid cleaner on the surface of the bathtub for a long time, do not use spray or concentrate or other similar cleaning products.

    2. Do not let nail polish, nail polish remover, dry liquid cleaner, acetone, paint remover or other solvents meet the acrylic surface. Corrosive cleaning agents stay on the acrylic surface will cause damage, pay attention to thoroughly clean the acrylic surface after each use, do not let the cleaning agent into the circulation system.

    How to Clean the Surfing Bathtub?

    Clean Bathtub-fill-the-tub


    1. The daily cleaning of the jetted tub can be used in general liquid detergent and soft cloth, not with ketone or chlorine water components of washing and cleaning. Disinfection, disinfectant containing formic acid and formaldehyde is prohibited.

    2. It is recommended to use the granular cleaner that can be mixed with water to clean the jacuzzi, avoid using the cleaner for tile or enamel surface.

    3. Do not place the container of liquid cleaner on the surface of the bathtub for a long time, do not use spray or concentrate or other similar cleaning products.

    4. Do not allow nail polish, nail polish remover, dry liquid cleaner, acetone, paint remover or other solvents to meet the surface of the jetted tub.

    5. Corrosive cleaners stay on the acrylic surface will cause damage, pay attention to clean the surface of the tub jets thoroughly after each use, do not let the cleaner into the circulation system.

    How to maintain the surfing bathtub?

    How to Deal with Scratches?

    If there are scratches on the surface of the jetted tub, just use 2000# water-abrasive sandpaper to polish it, then apply toothpaste and polish it with a soft cloth, it will be as bright as new.

    How to Clean Water Scale?

    Jetted tub surface scale can be used with light acid detergent, such as lemon juice, vinegar and slightly hot with a soft cloth wipe.

    How to Clean a Jetted Tub?

    Hydraulic friction device cleaning 40 degrees Celsius water to fill the jetted tub, 2 grams per liter dose to add detergent, start the hydraulic massage for about 5 minutes, stop the pump to drain, then fill the cold water, start the hydraulic massage for about 3 minutes, stop the pump to drain and clean the jetted tub.

    How to Clean the Water Tank is Dirty?

    The surface of the tank is dirty, you can use a wet towel to wipe, this process can be repeated three times, can be as clean as new.

    • Please do not use the surface rough and utensils, containing chemical solvents or particles to clean the surface of the tank.
    • Please do not use hard objects or edged tools to hit and scratch the surface of the jetted tub, also should not let the cigarette or heat source higher than 70 regimes touch the surface of the jetted tub. Water should not be more than 80 degrees, the correct method is to put cold water first and then water.

    After the bathtub jetted tub is used, the water should be drained and disconnected from the power supply.

    What to Do After Clogging?

    When the water return and nozzle are blocked by hair and other debris, it can be screwed down to clean.

    Prevent Debris Jetted

    Bathtub in the enable surfing pushing work concern to prevent debris will return to the water net blockage, the formation of the pump overload, incurring the pump overheating, burn the pump. Clean the water return net cover frequently to prevent the formation of water return net blockage.

    • Gold-plated, chrome-plated parts do not need frequent wipe.
    • No water state do not open. Relaxing bath oils for more relax.

    Do not Turn on When There is No Water

    It is forbidden to start the pump when there is no water in the bathtub. The water pump is easily burned when idling without water, because there is a rubber seal inside the pump, which is easy to break when idling back to fever.

    Skin Clean to Anti-corrosion

    The skin of the plate clean, not to use the erosive cleaning agent, the general skin stains available paint thinner, turpentine, alcohol, toothpaste can be erased. Prohibit the use of strong acids, strong alkalis, TENA water and other chemical equipment in the tank.

    Do not Use too Hot Water

    Don’t use hot water more than 80 degrees, if you use hot water frequently, it will reduce the life of the tank, the correct way is to put cold water first and then put hot water.

    Using jet tub cleaning solution make your home or new house beautiful and more comfortable.


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