Leading Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey: Top 10 Brands

Top 10 Leading Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey: Quality, Innovation, and Design

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    Turkey is renowned for its robust manufacturing sector, particularly in the realm of home fixtures and faucets. The country boasts a variety of top-tier brands known for their innovation, quality, and design. This article highlights the leading faucet manufacturers in Turkey, offering insight into their unique strengths and contributions to the industry, along with their contact information, websites, founding years, philosophies, and goals.

    1. ECA-Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    High-quality faucets, sustainable products, innovation, bathroom fixtures, Turkish manufacturing.

    ECA, a prominent brand under the Elginkan Group, stands out for its high-quality faucets and bathroom fixtures. Known for their commitment to innovation and sustainability, ECA faucets are designed to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Their extensive product range caters to various styles and preferences, making them a top choice in both residential and commercial markets.

    • Website: ECA
    • Contact Information: info@elginkan.com.tr
    • Founded: 1957
    • Philosophy: Innovate and sustain to enhance living standards.
    • Goals: To lead the industry in innovation and environmental sustainability.
    ECA website

    2. Artema -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Stylish faucets, functional designs, residential faucets, commercial faucets, Eczacıbaşı Group

    Artema, part of the Eczacıbaşı Group, is synonymous with style and functionality. Their faucets are designed to meet the demands of modern living, offering a blend of aesthetic beauty and practical use. Whether for residential or commercial applications, Artema’s range ensures durability and sophistication.

    • Website: Artema
    • Contact Information: artema@eczacibasi.com.tr
    • Founded: 1958
    • Philosophy: Combine aesthetics and functionality for a better living experience.
    • Goals: To be the first choice for consumers seeking stylish and reliable bathroom solutions.
    Artema website

    3. Creavit -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Modern designs, advanced technology, durable faucets, eco-friendly products, kitchen faucets

    Creavit is a leader in producing modern, technologically advanced faucets. Known for their durability and eco-friendly designs, Creavit faucets are perfect for those seeking contemporary solutions for their kitchen and bathroom needs. Their commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a strong reputation both locally and internationally.

    • Website: Creavit
    • Contact Information: info@creavit.com.tr
    • Founded: 1960
    • Philosophy: Innovation for sustainable and modern living.
    • Goals: To continuously innovate and provide eco-friendly and technologically advanced products.
    Creavit website

    4. Vitra -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Global brand, bathroom products, aesthetic appeal, functional faucets, comprehensive range

    Vitra, another esteemed brand from the Eczacıbaşı Group, enjoys global recognition for its comprehensive bathroom products. Their faucets are celebrated for their aesthetic appeal and functionality, catering to diverse design preferences. Vitra’s extensive range ensures that there is a perfect fit for every bathroom style.

    • Website: Vitra
    • Contact Information: info@vitra.com.tr
    • Founded: 1942
    • Philosophy: Enhance everyday life with innovative and aesthetic bathroom solutions.
    • Goals: To maintain a leading position globally by continuously enhancing product design and functionality.
    Vitra website

    5. Kale -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Innovative products, durable faucets, contemporary designs, traditional designs, Turkish brand

    Kale is a significant player in the Turkish faucet market, known for its innovative and durable products. Their faucets span both contemporary and traditional designs, ensuring that they meet a wide array of consumer tastes. Kale’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted brand.

    • Website: Kale
    • Contact Information: info@kale.com.tr
    • Founded: 1957
    • Philosophy: Innovation and tradition in harmony.
    • Goals: To be a benchmark for quality and innovation in the faucet industry.
    kale website

    6. Serel -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Reliable faucets, aesthetically pleasing, diverse range, international standards, quality control

    Serel is renowned for producing reliable and aesthetically pleasing faucets. Their products meet international standards, ensuring high quality and performance. Serel’s diverse range of faucets caters to various customer needs, from residential to commercial applications.

    • Website: Serel
    • Contact Information: info@serel.com.tr
    • Founded: 1978
    • Philosophy: Excellence in design and reliability.
    • Goals: To achieve global recognition through consistent quality and innovative designs.
    ECA website

    7. FIRAT -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    High-quality plumbing fixtures, innovative solutions, customer satisfaction, durable products, Turkish market

    FIRAT specializes in high-quality plumbing fixtures, including faucets. They focus on innovative solutions that meet customer needs and ensure long-lasting performance. FIRAT’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has established them as a reputable name in the Turkish market.

    • Website: FIRAT
    • Contact Information: info@firat.com.tr
    • Founded: 1972
    • Philosophy: Innovation, quality, and sustainability.
    • Goals: To lead the market with innovative and sustainable plumbing solutions.
    Firat website

    8. Turkuaz Seramik -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Sanitary ware, robust designs, sustainability, high-quality faucets, Turkish ceramics

    Turkuaz Seramik is well-known for its comprehensive range of sanitary ware, including high-quality faucets. Their robust designs and commitment to sustainability make them a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and eco-friendly products.

    • Website: Turkuaz Seramik
    • Contact Information: info@turkuazseramik.com.tr
    • Founded: 1993
    • Philosophy: Combining durability with sustainable design.
    • Goals: To expand globally by maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability.
    Turkuaz seramik website

    9. Penta -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Design and functionality, stylish faucets, efficient solutions, modern bathrooms, kitchen faucets

    Penta combines design and functionality to produce stylish and efficient faucets. Their products are ideal for modern bathrooms and kitchens, offering sleek designs without compromising on performance. Penta’s focus on efficiency and aesthetics sets them apart in the market.

    • Website: Penta
    • Contact Information: penta@pentabanyo.com
    • Founded: 1996
    • Philosophy: Excellence in design and practicality.
    • Goals: To become a leading name in faucet design and functionality.
    penta banyo website

    10. Ege Vitrifiye -Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

    Well-established manufacturer, bathroom fixtures, durable faucets, innovative designs, Turkish quality

    Ege Vitrifiye is a well-established manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, including high-quality faucets. Known for their durability and innovative designs, Ege Vitrifiye’s products reflect the high standards of Turkish manufacturing.

    • Website: Ege Vitrifiye
    • Contact Information: info@egevitrifiye.com.tr
    • Founded: 1994
    • Philosophy: Tradition meets innovation.
    • Goals: To provide high-quality and innovative bathroom solutions worldwide.
    egevitrifiye website


    Turkey’s faucet manufacturers are distinguished by their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for contemporary designs, sustainable solutions, or reliable performance, these top 10 brands offer a wide array of options to meet your needs.

    From ECA’s sustainable innovations to Vitra’s globally recognized designs, Turkey’s leading faucet manufacturers continue to set benchmarks in the industry.

    By choosing any of these reputable Turkish brands, you can be assured of top-tier quality and cutting-edge design for your home or business.

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