6 Tips to Clean Showerheads

Is your shower head not performing like it used to? Over time mineral deposits can build up which can cause the nozzles to squirt water in all directions or clog up completely, leaving you with poor water pressure or low flow. Here are our top cleaning solutions to help get your shower head back to peak performance.

Here’s the first cleaning solution.

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    Soaking with White Vinegar and Water Solution

    If the shower head is seriously clogged, you can use the method of acidification and dust removal to solve it, that is, pour distilled white vinegar or acidic vinegar in a plastic bag or acidic vinegar then put the clogged shower head completely submerged in white vinegar, and just a few minutes to remove the scale in the shower head.

    clean showerheads-clean-White-Vinegar

    What should you prepare :

    • A plastic bag that can cover the entire showerhead

    • A plastic bag that can cover the entire showerhead

    • A rope/ a rubber band/ tape/ a twist tie/ a elastic band

    • A rope/ a rubber band/ tape/ a twist tie/ a elastic band

    • Steam distilled white vinegar solution

    • An old toothbrush

    • A soft cloth or a wet cloth, such as a microfiber cloth or facecloth

    • A clogged showerhead

    clean showerheads-White-Vinegar-and-toothbrush

    How to Clean a Shower Head?

     1. Pour the right amount of white vinegar into the plastic baggy.

    (Do not pour too much white vinegar, or when you dip the shower into it, the vinegar will overflow. )

    2. Submerge the shower head with a plastic bag. Hold the plastic baggy with both hands so that the bag is located directly under the shower. Slowly move up until the plastic bag will soak the whole showerhead.

     3. Secure the plastic bag with a rubber band or tie. Hold the plastic bag tightly with one hand at the mouth of the plastic bag where the shower and the shower pipe are connected, and hold the plastic bag in place with an elastic band. Slowly release your hand to make sure the plastic bag will not fall off before leaving.

    clean showerheads-clean-a-shower-head

    4. Let the shower heads soak for a few hours or overnight for a deep clean. The dirtier the shower, the longer it will take to soak. If the shower head is made of brass or has a gold or nickel plating on it, the shower head has to be taken out of the bag after 30 minutes. You can also rinse the shower off and put a plastic bag over it to continue soaking.

     5. Remove the bag. Tilt the plastic bag to pour out the vinegar, being careful not to splash the vinegar in your eyes.

    6. Turn the shower on and off again and repeat several times with running water. This will flush out any limescale left in the shower head.

    7. Clean your shower head with an old toothbrush and then turn on the shower to rinse away the limescale. The water holes of the shower head are the most likely place for limescale to build up, so you need to pay special attention to them. You’d better brush for a while and then turn on the running water and rinse; repeat the process until all the limescale is removed.

    8. Turn off the shower, then wipe the shower with soft clothes. Both microfiber and facecloth clothes are fine. Gently wipe the water from the shower until no water stains are visible.

    If you prefer to leave the shower head attached to the shower pipe coming out of the wall, you can fill a plastic baggy with vinegar and wrap it around the shower head.

    clean showerheads-clean-your-shower-head

    – Secure the bag around the head with a rubber band, tape, or a twist tie.

    – Leave the bag around the shower head for a few hours.

    – Remove the bag and turn on the water for a few minutes to clear the vinegar out of the shower head.

    What Can You Do When Cleaning Shower Head Without Vinegar?

    * Baking Soda

    clean showerheads-cleaning-shower-heads-scaled

    If you’re willing to remove the shower head and vinegar just isn’t cutting it, you can always turn to a classic baking soda paste. It is also used as an antibacterial cleaning agent. To clean your showerhead using the baking soda method, combine the baking side with hot water in a small container so that it turns into a paste-like form. 

    If the water outweighs the baking soda and it becomes slightly runny, add more baking soda till it gets to your desired taste. Use an old toothbrush dipped in the paste-like form of baking soda, and apply the paste to the showerhead, including all of the holes. Cover the entire surface of the showerhead and leave for at least an hour before rinsing thoroughly.

    Once you’ve used this mixture, you should reinstall the shower head and spray hot water through it to loosen any debris from the shower head.

    * Bring on the CLR.

    When using CLR, it’s a harsh chemical so you’ll want to make sure to grab your rubber gloves. This technique will follow many of the same steps as vinegar. After cleaning the head, mix half water and CLR in a plastic baggy. Rubber band the bag to the shower head carefully. Remove the bag after 2 minutes. Carefully pour the CLR mixture down the drain. Rinse and go. Add more time for shower heads with a lot of grime or rust.


    Harsh cleaning chemicals may damage your shower head and are not recommended for cleaning.

    * Prick with a needle

    If the shower head is partially blocked, you can first release the water, and then use a needle to pierce the blocked hole until there is no debris in the hole, but be careful not to pierce the shower hole to break. Then open the shower to see the effect, according to the situation can be appropriate to tie more times.


    * Use lubricant

    If the shower head metal rust is caused by clogging, you can use rust removal and anti-rust lubricant, which has a very good affinity and permeability, can separate the rust layer and the metal layer, and leave a protective film to prevent rust again.

    * Hand wipe cleaning

    Now, most of the shower holes are made of silicone, which is soft to touch and easy to clean, just use your fingers to wipe, and you can easily go to rub the accumulated limescale, and again turn on the water can be flushed out.

    * Automatic cleaning

    Some shower heads have a special structure, such as some of the shower’s water outlet holes with a thimble, press the button to pop the thimble, automatically bringing out the scale.

    * Change a shower head

    Shower blockage, because of limescale, impurities deposited, blocking the water outlet hole, thus causing the water flow to become smaller. After finding the reason, then solve the problem from the principle, directly replaced to FaucetU shower heads, pure guardian, care for health, then enjoy the bath.

    I hope the above methods are useful, if your shower head is clogged seriously, then go and try these methods! Visit FaucetU to Learn more.

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