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Clean Matte Black Bathroom Faucets

Ever thinking about getting a chic matte black faucet for your bathroom? The first thing that comes to mind is how beautiful and how luxurious it might look in your bathroom. After conceptualizing your design, the second thing that might come to mind is how to keep it clean as it was new always new.

Whether you’re just remodeling or having bathroom renovation, This article will tell you everything about matte black bathroom faucets and guides on how to clean and properly take good care of these black fixtures.

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    Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures

    matte black bathroom faucets-matte black faucet
    Matte Black Bathroom Faucets

    Matte Black Bathroom is one of the most popular fixture designs.  Mostly seen in high-class grand hotel rooms, fabulous houses, and elite magazine images, it has a deep love for its fashionable characteristic. It is never limited to a single concept design; it can always go well with almost every piece especially if you want a sophisticated style. 

    You might be wondering whether matte black fixtures are high maintenance. Contrary to everyone’s belief, matte black finishes are quite very easy to keep clean. 

    Some people might have a hard time maintaining their matte black bath fixtures, but there are things a consumer has to know before purchasing a matte black finish fixture.

    The color black fixtures design in the bathroom emanates sophistication. It radiates a mystery vibe and atmosphere. It highlights every color combined with it but unlike white, it stays on the background and creates a void dark tone on any surface. This color is a very popular choice to match any decor style. The matte black faucets have a classic look that can be used in kitchen and bathroom design. 

    Matte black bath fixtures are a modern design trend that has an elegant finish that can be used anywhere in the home, including the bathroom.

    The matte black bathroom fixtures have striking and eye-catching designs. It is a popular choice for many homeowners who want to create a luxurious and modern look.

    Matte Finishes give surfacea aged and worn appearance, which some people prefer over a more modern look.     

    Most popularly well known as dull, its effect is quite the opposite. Achieved by applying a thin layer of material that is not shiny or reflective to a brass fixture gives a rough surface appearance, it refracts and reflects light to give a matte aesthetic appeal.

    Though, in time, the matte black bath fixtures’ finish do not wear well. But unlike other finishes, the color black wears off first, not the matte coating.

    Matte black fixtures are a great option for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their home. Matte black finish is a velvet-like surface that’s hard to scratch and has a natural antibacterial property.

    How to Clean and Properly Take Good Care of a Matte Black Bathroom Faucet?

    The matte finishes give faucets sleek, aesthetic appeal and modernize style. However, the matte finish can be difficult to keep clean and shiny. These are ways on how to clean and properly take good care of matte black bathroom fixtures:

    Washing it off thoroughly

    Matte black faucets are vulnerable to common faucet damage like any other faucet with other finishes damages. vulnerable to harm.

    Matte black finish faucet
    Matte Black Bathroom Faucet

    The most advantageous characteristic of matte is that this kind of finish has no problem with having fingerprints all over the fixture. The matte black finishes are not as susceptible to fingerprints as other finishes but is highly vulnerable to scratches and scum. 

    Some may think that a matte black bathroom looks dirty but in fact, matte black has the tendency to highlight dust and other particles creating a dirty impression.

    Never miss the chance to check your product’s guide or consult your manufacturer for assistance with the proper care for the product.

    Damage Matte Black Bathroom Faucet

    Though matte black bathroom fixtures are resistant to prints and watermarks, stubborn moisture marks, corroded from contaminants, easily exposes dirt and dust and is more impervious to smears, marks, fingerprints, and scratches than other finishes.

    • Dust, impurities, debris
    • Hard water/ soap scum/ streaks
    • Dried droplets (mostly lighter)/ droplet marks
    • Calcium and lime deposits (build up)
    • Fine screen-particle buildup, block water, tiny particles
    • Trap grime, grime buildup under control

    In these cases of stubborn stains and dirt on the external parts of the faucet, it’s very tempting to use products that have powerful ingredients to wash them off. This is where people got matte black bathroom fixture issues mishandled.

    All-purpose cleaners may be suitable for other finishes but never for the fixtures with matte finish.

    Causes Discoloration of Matte Black Bathroom Faucets

    matte black bathroom faucets-bathroom-faucets
    Matte Black Tap
    • Harsh cleaning product
    • Special Cleaning Products
    • Acid/ Acidic
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Solvent-based cleaners
    • Bleach powder
    • All-purpose bathroom cleaner
    • General purpose cleaners
    • Abrasive cleaners
    • Ammoniated products
    • Chemicals
    • Abrasive cleaning pads
    • Aggressive waxes
    • Detergents
    • If you’re unsure about the contents/ingredients/chemical/product cleaner stay away/don’t take a risk. Consult your manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly handle the products.

    At all costs, restrain yourself from using these products, it’ll damage your matte black shower and black fixtures. Avoid scratching.

    Whenever this happens, Instead of using those harmful products, replace it with soapy water.

    To achieve a soapy water solution, you may want to mix one to two cups of lukewarm water and 2 drops of dish soap. The solution itself will clean your matte black fixtures and shower easily without damaging them.

    In some cases, depending on the damage, you may want to soak the solution until you see your favored result.

    Wiping it off

    Gently wipe the black fixture using a soft microfiber cloth. Skip the part when you use the hard, textured pads as a cleaning tool especially to your matte black shower and matte faucet. Rough textured abrasive materials scratch matte black fixtures. Even cotton cloth can damage matte black fixtures, so don’t use it. 

    Only use a clean microfiber cloth for matte black bathroom fixtures. Microfiber cloth is the safest to use for this kind of finish because it’s smaller than a strand of silk which makes it impossible to scratch the fixture.

    Fight your initial response to scrub any surface aggressively whenever you encounter a hard water deposit of scum, especially on a matte black faucet. 

    We know it’s irresistible, inevitably impossible not to be tempted to scrub it off but cleaning it off just by intensely scrubbing will only cause damage to the product, strip away the matte black finish, and will wear away the black color and it’ll lose its luxurious beauty.

    Instead, gently wipe the filthy matte black bathroom fixtures with a damp cloth using the soapy water solution. Keep in mind this solution and the best tool in cleaning matte black fixtures to keep their luster.

    matte black bathroom faucets-shower-faucet
    Matte Black shower

    Drying it off

    Dry the black fixture properly. Using a clean microfiber cloth, remove any water spot from the matte fixture. Make sure that you didn’t leave any part and no water residue is left. It makes sure to help it dry without leaving water spots.

    Some may think that even if it’s a matte black finish, it’s still necessary to dry it off properly.

    Doing it Again as Needed

    Sustaining the luster of matte black bathroom fixtures is as challenging as it is, but really rewarding. Wiping the matte black fixture frequently is a must as well to retain its mossy, velvet-like surface.

    You may try to keep the soap dish-water solution and microfiber cloth within reach in the bathroom, so it’ll be easier for you and your family members to keep the matte black bathroom fixtures.

    Contact or check websites online and check your manufacturer’s instructions on taking good care of their products.

    Benefits of keeping your Matte Black Fixtures

    Keeping your matte black bathroom fixtures sleek and clean is highly beneficial for you and for your family. Here are the benefits you can get from up keeping your fixtures clean:


    Keeping your matte black fixtures clean prevents corrosion that lengthens their durability. An upkeep fixture prevents frequent repairs and unnecessary costs.


    Keeping the bathroom fixtures clean, promotes good sanitation that prevents sickness in the family.


    Keeping the matte fixtures clean sustains its beauty and enhances its elegance.

    Overall, keeping the matte black fixtures improves living and enhances your life satisfaction.

    Two Important Factors | Buying Matte Black Faucet:

    Environmental Factors

    Examine the local neighborhood’s local water source. It is also advisable to consider the temperature and weather. The location and geography of the household should also be considered before getting a matte bathroom fixture.

    Ensure the materials used on the black bathroom fixtures to prevent frequent repairs and replacements. A high-quality product manufactured by a good faucet company, lasts longer than lesser quality products.

    Matte black showers or black bathroom fixtures are reasonably priced. It is wise to consider which faucet brand you’ll purchase. You must consider its brand, the quality of the materials, and the quality of the matte surface. 

    In summary, keeping a matte black bathroom faucet clean is quite very easy. Bearing all the benefits in mind and the necessary cleaning habits will become automatic to you. A constant reminder of money, sanitation, beautification, and life satisfaction. To increase the longevity of the product, it is very essential to take good care of the matte black fixtures. Use the proper materials and proper solution. Finishes of matte black surfaces fade over time and are inevitable but with proper care and keeping it clean matte black bathroom fixtures finish will last longer.

    If you’re looking for an affordable high-quality matte black fixture that goes with different finishes, styles, and designs, try FaucetU.

    FaucetU is 26 years in the faucet industry, manufacturing luxurious and high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures. They strive to provide high-end products, great customer service all over the world. For more information, kindly visit them at

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