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How to find faucet manufacturers and trading companies in china

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Faucet Manufacturers in China

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    7 Ways to Verify Faucet Suppliers are Manufacturers

    Importers know there are two ways to get goods from abroad; through manufacturers and trading companies. Working with China faucet manufacturers directly has various perks, from wholesale prices, customized faucets, and sustainable products. It is no wonder many homeowners with home improvement projects are leaning towards working with faucet manufacturers in China.

    On the other hand, trading companies are intermediaries selling sanitary ware and accessories. They get these products from various kitchen faucet manufacturers and bathroom sink faucet manufacturers. This means consumers can get a variety of bathroom faucets, shower faucets, and bathtub faucets, among other sanitary ware, instead of one product line.

    If you’re trying to work with best faucet manufacturers in China, it can be pretty hard to differentiate a trading firm from faucets and shower manufacturers in China. The great news is that there are ways you can verify that a faucet manufacturer is not a trading firm.

    In this article, we’re looking at ways you can verify a faucet supplier is a manufacturer and not a trading company. Before looking at pointers that indicate you’re dealing with faucet manufacturers in China, let’s first differentiate these two companies.

    Faucet Manufacturers vs Trading Companies

    If you’re importing faucets, you must know all your suppliers. One thing for sure is the glut of wholesale trading companies and manufacturers in Southeast Asia. To top all this, other trading companies are mixed in with faucet manufacturers.

    Trading companies act as middle agents that bring together the buyer-importer and the manufacturers. They don’t get their hands dirty to produce a production line but are a linkage. As a faucet importer, working with a manufacturer in china, is better.

    The good thing about working directly is that you can get great deals at affordable prices. Even though trading companies have some degree of ease, they add some form of liabilities to your faucet firm. Before importing faucets from China, you must know if you’re dealing with a trader or manufacturer.

    Best Ways to Verify a Trader from Manufacturers

    There are ways you can identify a manufacturer from a trader. Let’s look at some of these factors that can help you identify a trader from a manufacturer.

    1. Business Portfolio

    A. Faucet manufacturers

    More often than not, faucet manufacturers in China usually produce one line of products. For instance, a faucet supplier that’s a manufacturer will have similar designs and products made from the same materials. You’ll find bathroom faucets, shower faucets, kitchen faucets, and basin faucets, bidet faucets among other sanitary wares, bathroom accessories. Faucet manufacturers focus on one product line- faucets and produce them in bulk.

    B. Trading company

    On the other hand, a trading company has various types of faucet products with other bathroom accessories. Trading companies are intermediaries between consumers and different faucet manufacturers. They do not have a full range of products, but only a few of them in a fragmented manner.

    Therefore, they have a bunch of products they sell alongside stylish faucets. It can be bathroom hardware and shower accessories, among other sanitary ware products. At any point, you’re dealing with a faucet supplier with several items apart from faucets; then you’re dealing with a trading firm and not faucets and shower manufacturers in China.

    2. Website of Faucet Supplier

    Traditionally, the website of the faucet supplier, who is a manufacturer, usually isn’t elaborate or big- as their production line already has a clientele and reputation that it serves and abides by. Therefore, it doesn’t need some form of attraction to entice the masses and potential consumers. These suppliers work with consumers that purchase their production line in bulk. For this reason, you’ll find their website to be very basic, with vital information that’s put straightforwardly.

    Conversely, trading companies rely on their websites to attract customers. This is why most of them have glamorous and extravagant websites showcasing myriad bath faucets, shower faucet, basin faucet bathroom accessories, and other sanitary ware accessories. They do this to make it look legit, as no one would buy faucets from a sketchy-looking website. Therefore, the site of these two types of service providers can tell you if you’re dealing with a trader or a faucet and shower head manufacturer.

    3. Name of a Company

    Just like a company’s site, its name plays a vital part in attracting customers. It’s one of the most vociferous factors that can tell if a firm is a faucet and bathroom manufacturer in China or a trading company. Trading companies seek fancy names for their companies with the company motto written underneath it. They rely on the company’s name to entice customers to buy faucet products from them. They’re not producers; they act as intermediaries. They’ll link you to different manufacturers who have a range of sanitary products, and bathroom accessories at so not favorable prices.

    On the other hand, faucets manufacturers don’t have a flashy company name. It doesn’t need to appeal to potential customers because it already has esteemed consumers that buy its faucet products in bulk. You’ll find most of them with a straightforward name like Sanitary Ware Co Ltd or something along these lines. In this case, the name of the company acts as an identifier rather than a marketing tool.

    faucet Manufacturer-Sales-Project-Discussion

    Additionally, these professional faucet manufacturer have a set of rules that they operate by. For instance, some faucet manufacturers have set up a sales department for consumer outreach, while other trading companies have dull company names. They don’t have a separate sales department at all.

    4. Location

    Import faucets from China, you can easily tell if a company is a manufacturer or trading company in the area where they’re situated. After getting acquainted with a particular company, you can go ahead to check its address. If the said company is in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, or in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, Southeast Asia, you can dig deeper to see where exactly the company is situated. When you find that it’s precisely at smack-dab somewhere in the middle of City, then probably it’s not a premium brand faucet manufacturing company.

    Faucets manufacturers have no business being in the central business district. Trading companies are more likely to be found downtown or at the center of shopping malls.

    5. Certification and Licenses

    This is another way to pick apart faucet manufacturers from trading companies. Instead of getting your hands dirty playing detective, you can easily ask prospective companies to show you their business certificate and license. This document usually indicates whether a company is a trader or manufacturer.

    Moreover, you can get other useful information about the faucet company in question. The best way to go about this situation is to get the bona fides of a particular company. If it’s impossible, the previous pointer can easily do the trick.

    Various certificates

    6. Product Catalogue

    If you’re an importer trying to find a faucet business, manufacturers in China should ensure they check out the product collection that a particular faucet business provides. When you notice particular brands providing a range of new products like shower heads, bathroom fittings with unique designs, and faucets collections from different manufactured brands, among other quality products, you’re most definitely not dealing with faucets factory but a trading firm.

    A faucet manufacturing factory has a completely different product catalog. The faucets manufacturing factory has a complete series of production lines. They’ll have modern contemporary faucets with spare fitting, and a variety of products relating to faucets from kitchen faucet, bath faucet, bidet faucet, thermostatic faucets, automatic faucets, kitchen faucets, and electric faucets, among others. Their product catalogue entails a wide range of faucet products as well as other relating products.

    7. Prices

    Another angle you can look at distinguishing between faucets trading firms and manufacturing factories is the prices. As stated earlier, a trading firm acts as a middle man linking importers in the USA with faucets manufacturing factories in China. Therefore, the prices of their products, from sanitary bathroom ware to kitchen fittings, will be slightly higher to cater to profits more than a manufacturing factory.

    Since you’re dealing with a manufacturing firm, the prices will be slightly lower than the average market prices. China faucet factory has many high quality faucet. Choose high end bathroom faucet manufacturers, the two parties don’t have any parties in between them that would cause the prices to skyrocket. Any time you see legitimate faucets manufacturing with low prices, you’ll know you’re dealing with a factory.

    Drawbacks of Dealing with Faucets Manufacturing Companies

    As an importer in the USA dealing with a factory, you don’t have the time and resources to travel frequently. The situation will leave you communicating with the factories via emails.

    faucet Manufacturer-Automatic-forklift-transport

    The process can be time-consuming and frustrating as you try to build your manufactured products from scratch. The process can breed potential for errors if clear communications between the two parties are limited. A trading firm has an advantage since its business is built on service and a highly competitive market. Even so, partnering with faucets factories is the better option when you consider operational costs. You just need to consider a few factors that’ll help you to be in a position to find the best faucet manufacturers on the market.

    Factors to Consider when Selecting a Faucets Factory

    The industry has different manufacturing companies on the market providing traditional and modern bathroom faucet styles that meet function, performance, and support, among other principles. Therefore, importers must look at various factors to get the best kitchen and bathroom faucets. Let’s look at some of them.

    1. Professional Production Team

    The firm should have a production team that’s experienced and knowledgeable about the production process. Its team should be able to produce kitchen faucets or bathroom taps of high quality. Moreover, the team should produce the best product within the stipulated deadline. This team will work together to ensure that the product is up to standard with various regulatory organizations.

    2. Different Faucets and Designs

    The manufacturing firm should be able to create kitchen or bathroom faucets that ooze design and style inspiration. It should create various bathroom faucets designs and styles to meet the market demand.

    3. Company Longevity

    The number of years of the company is essential for us to choose a faucet company correctly, the more years the company has more experience and can give you more help.

    4. Quality Products

    The bathroom and kitchen faucets manufacturing firm must provide quality items. These items must be made from high-quality materials that allow the faucets to provide efficient services for a long time. A product should have top-notch finishes and styles that meet consumers’ tastes and preferences.

    5. Warranty

    Manufacturing firms must give importers a warranty assuring clients of product quality and safety. Usually, they give a maximum of 10 years of warranty.

    The Best Faucets Should Have the Following Qualities

    To get the best products from the market, importers must look at certain factors that’ll help them get quality bathroom products. Let’s look at some of them.

    1. Durability

    Durability is an important factor when selecting the best faucets in the industry. The bathroom fittings should be created in quality materials to ensure the fittings can last for a long time. The faucets industry has a variety of brands; to get the best brand on the market, you’ll need to look at how durable they are.

    2. Innovations

    The faucets you go for should meet traditional and modern contemporary innovations. It should factor in various styles, services, and efficiency. Faucets can be designed in particular styles to cater to different consumer needs. They should come in different shapes, designs, and glamour from vintage, classically inspired to deliver optimal services.

    3. Functionality

    Faucets performance is another factor importers should consider when selecting quality products. You should ascertain that the faucets will work well. Moreover, the manufacturing firms should have additional fittings and spares readily available.

    Bottom Line!

    Reasonable choice

    There are various types of ways importers can import kitchen or bathroom faucets from China. Trader and manufacturing firms have pros and cons when importing faucets from a foreign country. An importer should therefore single out each company and take a closer look at how it will affect the overall costs.

    Depending on your needs, the process will guide you on which route to take. You can also go for another option, including an import agent. These experts have people on the ground in wherever country you’ll like to import your kitchen and bathroom faucets. They’ll verify the credibility of a manufacturing firm and help in contract negotiation, ongoing quality control, and troubleshooting problems that may arise during production.

    In any case, getting kitchen and bathroom faucets directly from a manufacturing firm is the best way to go when trying to import these items from a foreign country. When trying to import these items, you should contact certified manufacturers from China.

    Find the most suitable faucet factory or trading company with the best service and the best price for our needs.

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