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Water-saving faucet is in line with CJ 164-2002 “water-saving domestic water appliances” provisions of the ceramic chip seal spout (water-saving spout), its water-saving, is relative to the cast iron screw lift faucet.

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    The Function of a Water Savings Faucet

    1. New and beautiful shape, soft water flow

    Streamline beauty. Today’s water-saving faucets in the design shape more and more attention to streamlining beauty, and thus under the beautiful lines, taking into account the flow water flow pattern but also focusing on the visual effect.

    Surface beauty. And in color using baked porcelain, titanium plating, baking paint, lacquer, and other surface treatment, in different ways can present different colors, and can match a variety of kitchen, and bathroom decoration tones. And the surface treatment process is precise, with no rust caused by the phenomenon of paint loss.

    Soft Water

    Water flow beauty. Scientific design of the water-saving valve can make the water flow gently and comfortably, and will not bring trouble to the family cleaning because of splashing. Some high-grade water-saving faucets are equipped with a bubbler inside, which can make the water flowing through fully mixed with air, under the action of pressure, can produce the effect of foaming, which improves the flushing force of water, thus achieving the effect of water saving.

    2. Full function style, flexible selection

    FIX WATER SAVER FAUCET-gold-faucet
    Function Style

    The type of water-saving faucet has an induction type also has a manual type, you can choose according to their actual needs.

    An induction faucet in the use of the water will come out for your help when the hand left to get hand soap or wash the face will automatically stop, but also to avoid the cross transfer of bacteria.

    A long spout rotatable faucet can be used in the kitchen or double sink washroom, you can flexibly adjust the direction of use, saving space.

    The seesaw water-saving faucet cleverly combines the hand soap container with the faucet, causing one end of the faucet to cock up and automatically shut off after using the hand soap. This clever design not only avoids the trouble of opening and closing the faucet back and forth but also brings a lot of fun to the hand washing process. If there are children at home, I believe this style of faucet will make them love to wash their hands.

    Mechanical water-saving faucet shape simple, metal lever near the hand position, can be more intuitive to the user to save water reminders, more direct and efficient.

    3. To ensure the safety of family property

    Sometimes because of some unexpected circumstances, causing the faucet to forget to close, and so found, I am afraid that their homes and downstairs neighbors have suffered a “flood”, maybe because of this, the family lost a lot of financial, or even if the occurrence of moisture intrusion into the kitchen switch socket circuit and the danger. And if the installation of the automatic water-saving faucet, you can forget to close the faucet when you open the internal “forget to close self-closing function”, automatically close the time can be adjusted to their own situation for the time limit.

    4. Value for money

    Some people the purchase of water-saving faucets than ordinary faucets expensive, but water-saving faucets than ordinary faucets save at least 1/3 of the water, year after year, I’m afraid that the savings in water costs than the higher costs, and the installation of new water-saving faucets, you can improve the quality of your life, really can do value for money. So, in life, do not look at the momentary cost, but look at the cost behind the effect brought to you.

    However, each kind of water-saving faucet water saving is different, in addition to the selection of the shape, function whether to fit the actual, and whether to meet personal preferences, the most important thing is to see the water-saving faucet after professional confirmation of the water saving, the amount of water saving determines the advantages and disadvantages of the faucet. 

    At the same time, it should be noted that in the process of use at any time pay attention to the state, if the faucet leakage or induction is not sensitive to the situation users should promptly locate sales manufacturers for after-sales aspects of the processing.

    How to Fix Water-saving Faucets?

    1. Faucet water bifurcation or water volume reduction, no bubbles

    Possible causes: aerator filter scale or debris scale and another dirt clogging.

    Solution: remove the faucet, clean the filter.

    2. Shower a small amount of water, water bifurcation

    Possible causes: the water pressure is too low or the shower head is clogged with debris or scale buildup.

    Solution: Removed the shower head to remove the shower inlet with a filter rubber gasket or clean the shower top spray for cleaning.

    3. Faucet when the body has noise

    Possible causes: water pressure is too high; faucet handle sharply closed; hot and cold water pipe fixed poor; in the inlet pipe has obstructions or scale.

    Solution: Reduce the water pressure, avoid closing the faucet sharply to rework, clean the pipe, and check the water pipe and connect objects (such as the water purifier Water heater) so there is no poor contact.


    4. Temperature adjustment is not easy and the water temperature often varies

    Possible causes: the pressure difference between hot and cold water is too large, or the water heater raises the water temperature for too long.


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