The in-wall faucet will be arranged in the wall after the pipeline, neither occupying the floor space nor occupying the counter space, using glossy stainless-steel material simple and generous, quite modern style. Into the wall design in the installation needs to be in the wall groove and the use of tiles to cover the pipe, there must be this design idea and the decorator to fully communicate to ensure perfection, because later repair more trouble.

What is An In-wall Faucet?

The in-wall faucet is named according to its installation method. In-wall installation means concealed installation, that is, the faucet water supply pipe fittings buried in the wall, outside the faucet as well as the switch. The use of wall-mounted faucets is generally more space-saving and can enhance the decorative nature of the entire bathroom space, making the bathroom space neater.

In-wall faucet is buried in the wall to the water pipe, in the wall through the wall faucet directly to the washbasin/sink located below, the faucet is independent, washbasin/sink is also independent. The washbasin/sink does not need to consider the internal combination with the faucet, so there is more freedom of choice in terms of shape, allowing for more diverse options for different spaces and environments.

The location where the basin/sink and faucet meet is usually the place where water rust is generated and bacteria breed the most, and for each independent faucet and basin/sink, there is no need to worry about the cleaning of these locations.

In-wall Faucet is Divided into Two Forms

1. Single control form

(Single switch left and right rotation control hot and cold water, up and down trigger control the amount of water, water will be relatively economical).

(1) single control mixer valve concealed faucet.

(2) single control mixing valve separate concealed faucet.

(3) single control mixing valve with pre-buried box concealed faucet.

This with pre-buried box, not only the appearance of more than a cover, but the internal structure is also not quite the same, pre-buried box will come with a level, pre-buried when the yellow box to the whole pre-buried into the wall.


2. Sub-control form

Sub-controlled water valve concealed faucet, that is, hot and cold-water separate control. Left hot right cold, the middle is the outlet.

(Double switch, hot and cold water to be adjusted separately, want to adjust to the right water temperature in the process of water flow is larger, not very water-saving, if only open hot water in the case of easy scalding, not very suitable for the elderly and children, but the decorative will be stronger).

The copper color in the picture is the pre-buried part.

The above is a common several into the wall faucet, set the value and practical at the same time, but also cannot forget to save water, remember to bring the bubbler when you buy, noise reduction, anti-spill, efficient water saving.

How to Install an In-wall Faucet?

Concealed into the wall faucet shower, etc. are more suitable for a modern minimalist style, because you must determine whether their own decoration style is suitable. Secondly, concealed faucets should be pre-built faucet spool in advance, if the wall is a load-bearing structure, you need to pay attention to a chiseled slot to protect the wall reinforcement structure, the wall is too thin, or the slot chiseled is not deep enough.

Into the wall faucet installation matters need attention:

1. Pre-buried box installation, to be pre-buried before tiling, into the wall faucet in the time to do plumbing with the water pipe pre-buried processing, so before doing plumbing should be selected in advance and purchase faucet style.


2. Will be four points PPR pipe to the pre-buried box of a hot and cold-water interface, paste in the appropriate location on the wall, draw the outline of the water pipe and pre-buried box, and then according to the outline of slotting, slot size: 24 * 11cm depth of 5cm.

3. The connection must be cleared of debris before installation, so as not to cause blockage or leakage.

4. After slotting, put the pre-built box of connected water pipes into the slot, adjust the horizontal position, and then fix it with screws.

5. Do not take down the protective cover of the product during the construction process, otherwise, the decoration process will hurt the accessories inside to avoid scratching and damaging the product.

6. During the installation process, be sure to pressure test the product for water leakage and confirm whether the water pipe connection is correct.

7. Installation height is best controlled in the basin / sink above 15 ~ 20cm high, 95cm ~ 100cm high from the ground. depending on the final customer demand, the final customer height is also related, too short and too high will lead to inconvenient use.

8. If there is no problem then tiling and other processes, tile, cut off the high out part.

9. Pre-installation box only, other accessories to be installed after the posting of tiles.

In-wall Faucet VS Common Faucet

1. Different Connections:

Ordinary faucet through the angle valve and hose connected to the spout to a water supply.

Into the wall faucet through the pre-installed parts connected to the spout to water supply, pre-installed parts, and spout installation as one.

In terms of connectivity, the wall faucet steps rather less.

2. Different accessories:

Ordinary faucet fittings for the angle valve, hose, faucet, angle valve, hose, and the faucet itself may cause leakage.

Into the wall faucet fittings for pre-buried parts and faucet, because there is no angle valve and hose these accessories, only the possibility of pre-buried parts and faucet seepage, choose a good brand, the chances of this will be further reduced.

Compared to traditional faucets, in-wall faucets are visually more concise, while the reduction of exposed pipes makes it easier for the dust to accumulate, mold is not easy to breed, preventing the emergence of sanitary corners. Please choose according to your needs.

Advantages & Disadvantages of In-wall Faucets


1. Space-saving, with in-wall faucets are generally more space-saving, freeing up counter space.

2. Easy to clean, no sanitary corners, more convenient to clean up.

3. Decorative, can enhance the decorative space, making the space neater.

4. Intelligent water conservation: active induction control on, off, the hand or water container, wash items into the induction range, the faucet that active water, out of the water that is suspended after. 

5. Space-saving, the use of wall-mounted faucets is usually comparatively space-saving. And can improve the overall bathroom space decoration. So that the bathroom space is neater. 

6. Convenient and neat: switch water completely by the sensor active completion, hands without touching the faucet, useful to prevent bacterial interspersed infection. 

7. Time-out maintenance: 30 seconds time-out scrubbing active water shutdown function, to prevent the formation of foreign objects in the induction range of long-term water waste.

8. Into the wall faucet is more beautiful.


1. Expensive, into the wall faucet itself and installation costs, are higher than ordinary faucet prices. 

2. Installation trouble, need to ask a professional installer to install.

3. Maintenance trouble, many parts are pre-buried in the wall, so once the problem is more trouble to repair.

How to Buy into The Wall Faucet?

In-wall faucet used in a more compact space bathroom has a miraculous effect. And can save a lot of space.

1. Look at the spool: faucet use period, mainly depends on the spool, the spool is good will affect the use of the effect, because the faucet is usually used a very high number of times, so the spool can never be sloppy. In the stainless steel, ceramic and axis roll these three kinds of the valve core, ceramic is very advantageous, in the purchase, can open, and close the faucet to determine the effect of the use of the valve core.

2. Look at the product information: purchase faucet products, there will be a formal product certification, these certificates of conformity will be marked on the origin, factory address, and other specific information, and there is a complete after-sales guarantee card, these are qualified products must be configured, if wholesale, you can contact us to confirm whether you need to be equipped with a certificate of conformity, many foreign wholesalers are not required, so you can also save a little money.

3. Look at the plating: faucet exterior will have through the chrome, and nickel plating treatment, so there will be a metal plating, good quality products, visible in the plating, if the plating color is dismal white, rough appearance, and porosity, spots, etc., it indicates a poor quality process.

4. Choose the quality of brand products, and fully understand the product accessories before buying.

5. In the purchase of faucets, try your hand switch handle is smooth, can not only pick the beautiful style, and ignore the practicality of the product. Wholesale before you can contact us to buy samples, we will recommend the style you like and send you.

6. Into the wall faucet size is fixed, after installation, it is good with the size of the basin/ sink, bathtub, etc., so in the purchase, one must first understand the distance between the basin/sink and the bathtub and the wall, so that the selection of the faucet, in order to accurately select the length of its spout, the requirements of the faucet spout cannot be close to the edge of the basin/sink or bathtub, otherwise Will affect the convenience of use.


Both Product & Installation are Important

Product selection:

1. In the room plumbing arrangement should be selected when the faucet style and basin style. If tiled and then installed will need to remove from the wall.

2. To avoid the water path close to the edge of the basin.

3. Pay attention to the choice of spool material, to ensure the health of water copper or stainless steel or ceramic spool is better.

4. Do not remove the product protection film during installation to avoid getting flower products.

5. Installation height control in the basin high 20cm or so, remember to try the valve handle is convenient to use.

6. To pressure test to see if there is a leak, while the hot and cold-water interface to avoid misconnection.


1. Installers first need to know the model of the faucet.

2. The pipeline, pre-buried boxes, and other locations and sizes to determine the wall chisel out a suitable contour, pre-buried boxes, and pipes into the right size.

3. Into the wall faucet position high and low, parts assembly completed also need to test the water to see the situation.

In general, unless the pipeline is a problem, you need to smash the wall, other cases can contact the aftermarket to solve the problem. Good quality faucet is generally not easily broken, normal maintenance can be, you can contact us to learn more about the wall faucet details.

Guidance for faucet companies in the current economic climate.

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