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    Don’t you love your fabulous new concealed shower mixer? You know, the high-end faucets that match your brand-new tiles and cabinets. The ones that hide all those nasty pipes from view and give your bathroom a complete makeover. I’m sure it’s one of the most stylish things in the bathroom. 

    Ok, so you’ve got a leaky shower faucet. It’s not a big deal. You can just put a bucket under it and call it a day.

    Shower conceal mixer

    But what if we told you there’s an easy way to fix the problem without calling in a professional plumber? This is a tutorial on how to repair concealed shower mixer faucet.

    Equipment Required for Shower Mixer Faucet Replacement

    • Screwdrivers
    • Allen wrench
    • Channellock pliers
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Small hacksaw
    • Utility knife
    Removing the Old Shower Valve assembly
    • Close the water valve
    • Unscrew the screws
    • Unscrew the cover
    • Change new cartridge

    1. Exposing the Valve

    • Make sure the shower drain is covered with a washcloth

    The drain can be completely obstructed by stretching the cloth over it. You can then work on the valve without worrying about losing any screws or other small parts.

      • Remove screws and other parts from the shower one at a time, and store them in the same place, so you don’t lose them.

    • Remove the shower's knob

    Screws are the standard for securing the shower handle to the wall. Remove the screws and pull the handle off the stem. Make a flat spot for the handle and screws to rest on until you’re ready to reinstall them.

      • Once the screws are removed, the handle might need to be jiggled or tapped to help it slide off the stem.

    • To remove the trim plate, unscrew its screws

    Using two screws, fasten the trim plate to the wall. Remove the trim plate from the wall by undoing the screws on either side. Put it and the screws somewhere safe until you need to put it back in the shower handle.

      • To remove grime, remove the handle and trim plate and soak them in vinegar or CLR. They’ll have a brand-new appearance after this!
      • If you need to ask a home repair expert about your specific model, shower trim plates are typically referred to as Escutcheon trim plates.

    • Please take off the trim plate and any caulk that may have been around it

    Caulk can sometimes be found along the trim plate’s perimeter. Remove the trim plate from the wall by scraping the caulk off with a utility knife if it is also attached to the wall by screws. And do you want know more about how to repair leak bathtub faucet, you can click here.

      • Caulk is widely available and can be bought from hardware stores or online.

    2. Removing the Old Shower Valve assembly

    repair concealed shower mixer faucet

    • Turn off the water

    For obvious reasons, you should turn off the water supply before removing the valve. To stop the water flow in the shower, find the shutoff valves and turn them clockwise to the off position. If screws operate the water valves in your home, you should turn the screw to the left to shut off the water supply.

      • Typically, the water shutoffs will be on either side of the valve cartridge. Turn off the water supply at the hot and cold stops. To turn the water on and off, use the flathead screw that can be found on the stop valves.
      • If you can’t find the shower’s water shutoffs, you should turn the water off to the entire house.

    • Make a hole in the wall to gain more accessible access to the control

    You will notice a hole in the wall once the trim plate is removed. You will need to enlarge the hole in the wall if it is smaller than 12 inches (30 cm) on either side. Considering the wall’s material before cutting a hole (glass, drywall, tiles, etc.) is essential.

      • Do not attempt to cut the hole without consulting a professional maintenance specialist. You can also visit a reliable home improvement website for advice on cutting a hole in your wall without causing any damage.
      • It’s essential to keep the hole small enough that the handle and trim plate can still be installed over it. The maximum size of your trim plate can be determined by referring to the trim plate.

    • Use needle-nose pliers to remove the clip from the valve

    A metal clip secured to the top of your shower valve is required for proper installation. Raise the clip out of its slot and place it somewhere flat to keep it from getting lost.

      • If the valve clip is in good condition, it can fasten the replacement cartridge into place. However, if that is the case, your new cartridge should have its valve clip.
      • To keep them in place, some valve sets have a retainer nut. While a wrench is used to unscrew the nut, the entire valve must be steady. Once the valve is no longer needed, you can take it apart.

    • Take the valve out of the wall with a pair of pliers

    Grab the cartridge’s metal end, pull the valve back, and then out of the wall. You can jiggle it as you go to get it unstuck if it gets caught. When you’re done removing it from the wall, you can either put it somewhere out of the way or throw it away.

      • Though needlenose pliers could work, thicker pliers may make the process simpler.
      • Also, WD 40 would be helpful. Give it a few minutes, and it should come out without much trouble. As a result, there will be less potential for the valve to be harmed.

    Installing a New Shower Valve Assembly Replacement

    • Put the new valve in place

    Using pliers, grasp the end of the replacement valve cartridge (it should look exactly like the old cartridge) and insert it into the wall’s slot. If the cartridge becomes stuck and won’t move, wiggle it back and forth.

      • You may have purchased the wrong size valve cartridge if it does not fit into the wall or appears too small for the slot. Ensure the new cartridge has the same size and type of valves as the old one.
      • A complete replacement of the tub and shower valve assembly may be necessary if severe rust and corrosion are discovered when the shower valve is being replaced.

    • Just re-install the metal clip

    Concealed Box

    Take the metal clip off the new valve and place it in its slot using the needle nose pliers. It should be inserted from above and have the exact metal clip placement as the previous valve.

    • If you want water, you need to turn on the tap

    Turn or unscrew the water stops to the right if you tighten them. If you turned off the water to the entire house because you couldn’t find the stops, you’d need to turn it back on.

      • Take your time. It could be better for pouring water out of a leaky fixture because of improper installation.

    • Replace the cover plate and the knob or handle

    Replace the trim plate over the cutout and secure the screws on either side. If it already had a calk seal around the edges, reapply it. Replace the shower’s handle, turn it on to check that it still works, and pull the rag out of the drain.

      • If you have previously enlarged the wall opening and the hole is not more extensive than the trim plate, you should be able to put everything back where it belongs. If you accidentally made the hole too big, fill it back in.


    1. Before you replace your shower, valves or remove the old ones, you should find out what kind it requires. Get in touch with a shower plumbing or home repairman if you have any doubts or questions about the precise type.
    2. You should look up the information on your trim plate online. Discover who made your current set and where to buy a replacement, if necessary.


    This is good. It describes how to fix the shower faucets and explains it straightforwardly for kids to understand. Not only that, but some drawings make the explanation extremely clear. The steps are also significant, so they will be easy for them to see and follow.

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