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The 7 Best Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Trends in 2023

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Trends

Due to the increased demand for kitchen and bathroom faucets, manufacturers are constantly striving to bring new, improved and modern faucet styles to the market to meet the developing faucet trends.

According to statistics, about 80% of people upgrade their kitchen faucets and about 87% of people renovate their bathroom faucets when they renovate their homes.

Here are the best kitchen and bathroom faucet trends in 2023

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    Trending Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet

    Global Faucets Market, growing all the time from 2022-2029

    7 Best Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Trends

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    1. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

    The pull down kitchen faucet not only has a modern and classy style but is quite functional as well. They are in high demand today because kitchen faucet high flow rate make cleaning quite easy and bring elegance to your kitchen. There are good kitchen faucets.

    Pull Down Faucet

    Great Functionality

    This faucet design allows users to rinse fruits, vegetables, and raw chicken, fill large pots with water, wash the kitchen sink, etc., by simply extending the faucet’s nozzle.

    Owing to its increased demand, companies have started adding this design to their existing faucet collections and manufacturing new products, including the pull-down feature.

    Large Variety

    This faucet type comes in a variety of colors, textures, materials, and styles including matte black finish, polished chrome, brushed brass, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, brilliance polished nickel, brushed nickel, extra-fine brushed brass, brushed gold, etc.

    Colors like chrome give a very shiny, reflective look to the kitchen faucet, while matte black and other dull metallic colors like brass, nickel, and bronze give a traditional, loyal touch to your faucet and any fixtures that it requires.

    According to the survey, 64% of people use pull-down faucets and 36% of people use pull-out faucets.

    2023 kitchen and bathroom faucet trends data

    2. Commercial Faucets

    The commercial faucet design is mostly used in the kitchens of commercial restaurants. Since these are used to cater to a heavily populated place, these faucet designs are installed in the space above large sinks with strong fixtures.

    They are designed in a way to provide more space for people to easily use them.

    Bathroom Faucet Color Trends 2023

    Three faucet designs are available for this category.

    Matte Black

    Matte black is a very popular trend in design and colors these days that bring elegance to the entire bathroom design. Matte black sometimes also features chrome fixtures to give both a matte and reflective appearance, all at the same time.

    Kitchen Faucet Finishes for 2023

    Stainless Steel Faucet
    Stainless steel

    The stainless steel commercial kitchen faucets are very long lasting. They are rust-resistant and prevent any water spots. It is good kitchen faucets. They also bring a modern look to your sink and are also available in different colors such as the matte black stainless faucet, chrome stainless faucet.

    Bathroom Faucet Finishes for 2023

    Polished Chrome

    Polished chrome faucets are also popular bathroom faucet finishes, and top brands are now producing this finish. This kind of chrome color features a very smooth, shiny, and mirror-like property. These taps are quite durable and can easily be cleaned as well as go well with the entire style of your commercial kitchen.

    3. Tap or Touchless Faucet

    The latest technology has brought us tap faucets or touchless faucets. They are a smart faucet technique, invented to improve hygiene, accessibility, and comfort.

    Working on the Faucet

    Tap faucets feature a smart-touch technology in which you can just tap the spout of the faucet to run the water. Moreover, this faucet type also features an LED light which indicates the water temperature by changing colors. Typically, the blue color indicates cold water while red indicates hot water. Many homeowners find this technology to be very modern and useful, therefore, increasing its demand.

    BEST KITCHEN AND BATHROOM FAUCET TRENDS-Commercial-kitchen-faucets
    Multifunctional Faucet

    Many faucets feature hands-free functions to turn the water on and off. A simple wave of the hand activates the motion sensor which is built into the faucet and it then allows the water to run.

    Touchless Faucet Technology

    Furthermore, many touchless faucets have temperature adjustment facilities built into their system to provide water at the right water temperature from the spout to the users as per their preference, as you can see in the Flow Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucets manual.

    Many homeowners prefer these smart technology faucets for their kitchens and bathrooms as they make their sinks, countertop, and overall space very modern and stylish and their unique finishes bring a charm to the entire area. They also help in water conservation as they prevent water from still running from the spout when no one is using the sink.

    Touchless Faucet

    4. Mixing Finishes

    The popular trend of mixing finishes and different materials has arisen in the past decade. This style of taps allows you to customize the faucets as per your needs and preferences.

    Different Combinations

    There are numerous combinations that can be made in this category. These include faucets with brushed brass and brushed nickel, matte black mixed with stainless steel, polished chrome combined with polished nickel, matte black along with Venetian bronze, stainless steel paired with brass construction and a polished nickel finish, etc. There are limitless options in this kind of category.

    Featured Faucets

    5. Lever Handles

    Many homeowners are interested in installing a faucet that features lever handles for their kitchens and bathrooms during their home improvement procedures. This style of faucet brings a modern look even to an old house.

    Designs and Styles

    There are many new designs available when it comes to lever handle faucets. For instance, some manufacturers master lever handle faucets that have a twisted ribbon shape. Other manufacturers may produce faucets with square handles depending on the customers’ demands.

    Italian bathroom faucets

    Italians are known for being at the forefront of modern design. Recently, they took another look at the bathroom and developed some innovative design methods in the process. The new trend in Italy is not to create objects to fill bathrooms, but to build them with fully integrated installations. The bathroom is no longer a single component, but a single functional unit. The device is removed and easily integrated into the environment.

    Design Faucet

    6. Single Handle Designs

    Simplicity is the key to beauty. Many homeowners prefer having simple yet elegant looking faucets and it is then that the single handle faucet comes into play.

    Such kitchen faucets are very practical, especially for homes with small kitchen sinks or small bathroom sinks. This is because such a kitchen faucet can easily be installed without consuming too much space on the countertop. These faucets also allow you to save up on room when it comes to the sink deck.

    Furthermore, these kinds of taps are also very easy to operate, especially for someone who cooks a lot and gets their hands dirty quite often. Using this design, you can easily and very quickly adjust or alter the temperature of the water as well as its flow. You can even use the handle with a single finger or just your elbow if needed and get the needful done. Thus, such a faucet design is ideal for busy cooks or people with limited movement of the body. Thus, these faucets are one of the best kitchen faucets available in the market.

    Unique Looks

    The single handle faucet has a unique style to offer. It usually features a rectangular handle with fine edges, a round spout, and a flat base. This adds up to its overall beauty, classy style and appearance.

    Variety of Designs

    The single handle styles of faucets come in a variety of designs, the most common being the stainless steel faucets. Among the stainless steel variety, black stainless steel faucets are very in nowadays.

    For those who want to add a little pop to the overall appearance of their kitchen and bathroom, polished chrome or polished nickel would be a suitable choice. However, unlike stainless steel, the polished chrome faucets would show fingerprint marks and smudges due to use.

    People who prefer subtle and more muted finishes could go for a kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet with a single handle design in brushed brass or brushed nickel colors. These colors are not only subtle but they would make your bathroom faucet products more resistant to any fingerprints or dirty hand marks. Some homeowners even prefer to have their kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet in a matte black color due to its attractiveness and style; however, it is difficult to know if the matte black kitchen faucet has staying power.

    These kitchen and bathroom faucets also look very charming in oil rubbed bronze and brass construction. The oil rubbed bronze gives a deep brown appearance to the faucet with hints of copper, giving a vintage vibe to the oil rubbed bronze faucet. While the brass construction ensures that the kitchen and bathroom faucet products are strong and sturdy.

    A faucet with a brushed gold appearance also gives a royal look to the kitchen or bathroom sink.

    Basin Faucet Factory

    7. Vintage and Traditional Style Faucet

    Despite the world getting more modernized and advanced, there are many people who still love the vintage and traditional style of faucets. Therefore, manufacturers are also producing different faucet styles that give off a vintage vibe.

    Vintage Faucet Style for Kitchen

    Homeowners who would like to give a vintage and traditional look to their kitchen by having a kitchen renovation could surely use these kinds of kitchen faucets. Having vintage kitchen cabinets along with kitchen appliances and other traditional appliances and fixtures would pair well with the vintage style faucet. This kind of faucet features handles and knobs with right-angled edges along with neat, sloping edges. This faucet type also features colors like brushed gold, matte black, and brass finish to enhance the overall traditional look of the kitchen. Therefore, these are the best kitchen faucets to achieve a vintage look.

    Vintage Bathroom faucets

    Vintage faucet type is not just the best kitchen faucet, but it is best bathroom faucet also works well for those who want to give a traditional look to their bathrooms. They would make the bathroom sink look like it is from the 80s by having fixtures and features installed in brass and brushed gold colors, this is bathroom faucet color trends 2023.

    best kitchen and bathroom faucet trends-vintage-bathroom-faucets
    Vintage Taps

    Final Thoughts

    There are numerous trends for both kitchen and bathroom faucets, from having modern looks to traditional, vintage designs, from single handle faucets to faucets with leveraging handles. Hence, the list goes on. However, while making renovations to your house and deciding on what kind of faucet trends to follow, you must first do your research well and at the same time, understand what you like the most and what best goes with your personality and the overall look of your house. After you understand these points, then only would you be able to achieve a kitchen and bathroom look that you are actually proud of?

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