Which finish is best for kitchen and bathroom faucet?


This is a comprehensive list of the best kitchen faucet finish and bathroom fixture finishes that will absolutely take your home style and design to the next level. 

Everybody loves a good finish. A beautifully coated faucet is a statement piece that works great in harmonizing a room. Kitchen and bathroom furniture, fixtures, and fittings come alive.
If faucets are the accent in a kitchen and bathroom, Finish is the one that gives the ‘wow’ factor. It may not be the highlight of the show, but its participation contributed a lot to it. It’s the make or break of a house’s kitchen design and bathroom interior style.

Whether you’re only planning for kitchen and bathroom upgrading or looking for the best finish for your kitchen faucet and bathroom faucets for home renovation, this article is perfect for you.

Choosing a faucet for your kitchen and bathroom can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, such as the material, style, and finish. There are many faucet finishes in the market to choose from. So, selecting the best finish for your kitchen and bathroom faucet can be very tough.

To create the best design for a kitchen or bathroom faucet, it is important to know which finish will be the most appealing and will go well with your home design.

A good finish for a kitchen or bathroom faucet can vary depending on the preferences of the homeowner. Some people prefer finishes that are shinier while others prefer something more matte and rustic. The finish of your faucet is an important consideration when choosing a new one for your kitchen or bathroom. There are many finishes to choose from and each has its benefits and drawbacks.

The finish on your bathroom and kitchen faucets are also important for protecting the surface from scratches and other damage.

The finish on a faucet is a also protective coating that prevents the metal from corroding. It also gives the metal its color and texture. The most common finishes are chrome, stainless steel, and nickel.

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    Best bathroom faucet finishes

    A bathroom faucet is used in bathrooms to provide water for washing hands, brushing teeth, taking showers or baths, etc. A kitchen faucet is used in kitchens to provide water for cooking and cleaning dishes. Knowing the activities and the frequency of usage, you can assess which finish you should choose.

    The finish of a faucet is important because it protects it from corrosion and rust. A finish can also protect against bacteria growth which can cause water-borne diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease.  Style or functionality. Some may argue that you have to think of the finish first in designing your kitchen but some say that selecting a fixture finish comes second to the last to consider. Most popular styles range from old traditional to modern, city chic to country cozy design. Now, architectural designers and interior designers focus on aesthetics, particularly finishes.

    Ultimately, a finish is any layer of material that protects a faucet’s surface. It helps to prevent scratches and other damage to the surface. Finishes are achieved by spraying and laying it over the material.

    Here are the factors you need to consider before deciding on getting your faucet a finish coating:

    • The overall style and design of the kitchen and bathroom
    • Frequency of repair and maintenance
    • Convenience and safety to use

    The Top 12 best finishes for kitchen and bathroom faucets

    Here’s the Top 12 list of the best finish for kitchen faucet and bathroom faucets:


    1. Copper faucet finishes

    Copper faucet finishes have natural antibacterial properties. This can also like heals itself when it gets scratched it darkens and matches the patina. Copper faucet shiny finishes need frequent maintenance. It is not as durable as the other faucet finishes. Accessories for copper finish faucets are hard to find.

    Copper faucet finishes

    2. Chrome faucet finishes

    Chrome faucet finishes

    A polished chrome faucet is aesthetically appealing. It can easily be cleaned and maintained. Accessories and fixtures that match its finish are easy to find. Chrome faucets reflect light that makes them shine. Water spots and fingerprints on chrome-finished faucets are needed to be cleaned frequently.

    Faucets with chrome finish withstand corrosion and resist rust very well. Polished chrome needs to be maintained regularly. The polished chrome faucet finish is the shiniest silver. It reflects light and its surroundings.

    A faucet with a chrome finish is more durable than brushed nickel and stainless steel. Chrome faucets have a mirror-like polish, so hiding dents and scratches are impossible. The polished chrome finish looks perfect in the kitchen and bathroom with colors gray, black or brown colors. This is the best finish bathroom faucet if you’re aiming for vintage and mid-century modern style. It is reasonably priced.

    3. Brushed nickel faucet finishes

    A brushed nickel faucet can instantly boost elegance and sophistication in kitchen and bathroom styles. It can work in a wider variety of kitchen and bathroom designs. A brushed nickel finish is one of the most popular kitchen and bathroom finishes. It perfectly works well with modern, farmhouse, and traditional designs.

    Brushed nickel finish resists rust. It can be duller and won’t reflect light. Brushed nickel shows wire brush strokes on the surface. Brushed nickel faucets can hide water spots and fingerprints. It can also hide scratches and dents better than chrome, has a patina and you can seal it with lacquer.

    Brushed nickel finishes are easy to clean but more difficult than others because they have tiny notches on the surface which trap dirt inside them. Brushed nickel also has a durable finish. Due to its wonderful features, this popular finish is reasonably priced.

    touchless kitchen faucets-No-touch-faucets

    4. Polished nickel faucet finishes

    Polished nickel faucet finishes

    With its captivating brilliance, polished nickel is a great accent on any kitchen and bathroom.

    It goes well with any luxurious and accentuated home style. Polished nickel is easy to be cleaned and needs frequent maintenance. Polished nickel is a durable finish. With all its wonderful features polished nickel is reasonably priced. Finding matching bathroom accessories can be hard. Polished nickel is one of the best options for hard water.

    5. Polished brass faucet finishes

    A polished brass faucet is a delightful finish for kitchen and bathroom styles. It looks perfectly good in a traditional and modern design leaning on vintage mid-century style. Polished brass is luminous. shiny and reflects light. With its extravagant beauty and astonishing features, this finish is reasonably priced. Matching and finding accessories for polished brass is easy. It requires to be maintained frequently.

    Polished brass faucet finishes

    6. Oil-rubbed bronze faucet finishes

    Oil-rubbed bronze faucet finishes

    Oil-rubbed bronze faucet finish is an exquisite accent on any kitchen and bathroom style. It is gaining popularity and goes perfectly with the country-to-cozy, vintage mid-century modern style kitchen and bathroom design. It is a durable finish. Oil-rubbed bronze is easy to be cleaned and needs regular maintenance. Finding and matching accessories are easy though it is reasonably priced due to their beauty and features. Oil-rubbed bronze hides fingerprints and water spots perfectly well. 

    7. Satin brass faucet finishes

    The Satin brass faucet finish is a splendid finish accent in any kitchen and bathroom.

    Satin brass is lackluster, won’t shine, and won’t reflect light. It is a durable finish. Polished brass hides water spots and fingerprints. It requires regular maintenance. One of the best options for hard water, accessories are hard to find. Also, one of the reasonably priced faucets finishes, due to its beauty and durability.

    Satin brass faucet finishes

    8. Satin bronze faucet finishes

    Satin bronze faucet finishes

    One of the reasonably priced finishes due to its beauty and durability. The satin bronze faucet hides fingerprints and water spots. It is hard to find matching other accessories and fixtures. It requires regular maintenance.

    9. Stainless steel faucet finishes

    Stainless steel faucet finish is one of the most popular finishes. The stainless steel finish adds a gorgeous accent to any bathroom and kitchen. It has a metallic shine that matches any design modern to traditional and even outdoor kitchen faucets. It has a very durable finish and can last for a long time. The stainless steel finish is susceptible to catches and fingerprints and requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. One of the most affordable finishes, due to its astonishing beauty and availability. It is very easy to find matching accessories and fixtures.

    Stainless steel faucet finishes

    10. Matte black faucet finishes

    Matte black faucet finishes

    The matte black finish is an exquisite and stunning accent in any kitchen and bathroom. Matte black makes it bold while complementing any color scheme.

    A highly recognized finish, matte black adds personality and distinguishable features to any space. Matte finish goes perfectly with any design, from minimalistic to modern, traditional, and mid-century modern.

    The matte black finish is very easy to clean and needs to maintain regularly. It can hide dirt, fingerprints, and water spots well. It is easy to find accessories and fixtures. One of the most inexpensive finishes, due to its availability and sustainability.

    Matte black is one of the best bathroom faucets finishes for hard water. Matte black finishes hide water spots better than polished finishes. Its finish does not last longer than the others.

    11. Plastic faucet finishes

    Mostly made of polyvinyl chloride PVC, is a charming addition to any kitchen and bathroom. It goes nicely well with simple to minimalist homes and is best for the outdoor kitchen. These plastic finishes are inexpensive and widely available in multiple colors. Plastic finishes need to be cleaned and repaired frequently. Its finish easily wears out.

    Plastic faucet finishes

    12. Enamel faucet finishes

    Enamel faucet finishes

    These enamel faucet finishes are widely available in different colors. Mostly inexpensive and less to moderately durable. It needs to be cleaned and checked regularly. Its finish does not last long.

    In summary, Whether you’re remodeling or renovating your kitchen and bathroom, having a splendid faucet finish is remarkably the best thing to do in integrating your style into your home kitchen and bathroom design. Knowing which is the best finish for kitchen and bathroom faucet not only boosts your home aesthetically but also helps you save time, effort, and money.

    How to choose the best finish for kitchen and bathroom faucet

    Choosing the best faucet for your bathroom or kitchen faucet is an important decision. Many factors should be considered such as the style, material, finish, and brand.

    • Style

    There are two main styles of faucets – traditional and modern. Traditional faucets have a more classic look while modern faucets have a sleek, contemporary design with clean lines. Try and collects some images, and check if it goes well with your home design.

    • Material

    The material can be either metal or plastic. The metal variety is usually more expensive but it lasts longer and has a more luxurious shiny finish feel to it. Plastic is cheaper and easier to maintain but it doesn’t last as long as metal does.

    • Finish

    The finish can be either bronze, brass, nickel, or chrome plated. Bronze is a popular faucet versatile finish because it has an antique look to it but brass has a warmer tone to it that some people prefer over bronze’s cool tone. Polished nickel is another popular choice because of its shiny finish silver color which makes the faucet pop out from the countertop. The brand will dictate and set the standard quality of any sanitary ware you install in your kitchen and bathroom. Wise consumers will always choose an affordable, durable, and highly functional finish for their faucets.

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